Kara aka Supergirl on Paradise Island

Review – Injustice 2 #15: A Wonder Woman Returns

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Kara aka Supergirl on Paradise Island
Injustice 2 #15, cover via DC Comics

Injustice 2 #15 – Tom Taylor, Writer; Mike S. Miller, Artist; J. Nanjan, Colorist


Ray – 8/10


The focus shifts to the island of Themysrica for this arc, as we recently got an origin of this evil Wonder Woman in the recent annual just in time for her to emerge as one of the major threats of the series once again. As the issue opens, she’s chained up with enchanted gauntlets, attempts to kill some of her Amazon captors to get her freedom, and is left alone with only the specter of Ares to taunt her. But while the Amazons have abandoned her – or so it seems – people on the outside haven’t. Damian Wayne and Black Adam have lured Kara Zor-El into a rescue mission, where they have her pose as a shipwrecked girl and land on the shores of the island. She’s taken in by the Amazons, with the intention that she’ll serve as a trojan horse for the invasion. However, there’s a big twist – in the form of a new Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman in Injustice 2 #15
Diana in captivity. image via DC Comics

The addition of Nubia to this series is a much-welcome twist. The character’s been neglected in canon for a long time, and it’s a saving throw to give this world a Wonder Woman who isn’t the genocidal madwoman who used to wear the costume. This Diana seems completely beyond redemption, unfortunately, as we see in her conversation with her mother. And while Kara’s ruse is quickly discovered, it seems like Diana isn’t as abandoned by her sisters as the issue lets on at first.

This seems to be turning into a story about Themysrica descending into civil war, and I personally am here for it if we get more Nubia, less Diana. Kara’s journey as a character seems to be leading her towards eventually turning on the corrupting influences that found her, and that’s a story I’m looking forward to seeing. Here’s hoping the series will do better justice to the Amazons this time around.

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