Geek Daily Deals 121917 laser tag walkee talkies RC robot

Geek Daily Deals Dec. 19, 2017: Laser Tag Set, Kids Walkie Talkies, Cool RC Robot

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Geek Daily Deals 121917 laser tag walkie talkies RC robot


Geek Daily Deals:

Dynasty Toys Laser Tag Set for Kids:

Get ready for some space-age battles with this pair of laser tag guns. Get more than one set to build bigger teams!

  • BATTLE PACK with model T1504
  • The blaster is the target. Meaning you don’t need to wear a vest! Plus there are 4 different Teams to choose from!
  • Both the TEAM SETTINGS and BLAST SETTINGS are interchangeable on each blaster and can be set on the go.
  • Set Includes 2 Laser Tag Blasters (1 Blue and 1 White Blaster)
  • This is a certified child safe class 1 laser product with less than 1mW output (.0496mW).

Get a set today for just $44!


Little Pretender Walkie Talkies for Kids:

A lot cheaper than cell phones for your kids to use communicating with each other and friends in the neighborhood.

  • 3 CHANNELS + 2 MILE RANGE ✪ An impressive 2 mile range and 3 channels enable long distance play and open a world of possibilities within your child’s outdoor adventures!
  • LOADED WITH FEATURES ✪ A bright LCD display, call alert function, and built-in flashlight plus belt clip will make kids feel like true agents on a mission!
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR SOUND ✪ No more mumbo jumbo! With a developed clear voice technology, your child’s voice will be crystallized to perfection.
  • CHILD FRIENDLY DESIGN ✪ These will fit comfortably in children’s hands with our special ergonomic design. An uncomplicated push-to-talk button makes this toy easy to use for all ages!
  • BEST QUALITY ✪ With a super durable yet lightweight build, these walkie talkies are easy to carry around while resisting wear and tear to provide kids with endless entertainment!

Get a pair today for just $20!


WolVol (Large Version) 10 Channel Remote Control Robot Police Toy :

Awesome robot toy for taking over the world (or just the toy world in your kids bedroom).

  • The robot can walk and turn around, music dances and other activities
  • Performs 10 different actions on the remote controller
  • Comes in big full colored box, package size 16 x 10.5 x 5.5 inches – This robot is larger than it appears on photo, Big and impressive
  • Requires 6 AA batteries (4 for the robot and 2 for the remote control), not included
  • Flashing Lights and Robot Sounds

Get a pair today for just $28!


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