GBBP 159: Jason Segel

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The Great Big Beautiful Podcast, Episode 159: Jason Segel

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Today, it’s an absolute thrill to have Jason Segel on the show. Segel is probably most well known for playing the role of Marshall Eriksen on 10 seasons of How I Met Your Mother. He’s also had starring turns in Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Muppets, The End of the Tour, and The Discovery. And of course, he got his start on the perennially awesome Freaks and Geeks.

Recently, though, Segel has taken a step back from Hollywood and channeled his creativity in a different direction. He’s written the middle grade Nightmares! trilogy (along with a recently released handbook), and he just released his first YA novel Otherworld. Otherworld imagines a nightmarish future that asks, “If technology can deliver everything we want, how much are we willing to pay?”

On this episode, we talk to Segel about his books, stepping away from Hollywood, shifting career gears so dramatically, finding creative fulfillment, the perils of social media, and which cringe-worthy moments in his career also make his personal highlights reel.


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