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With the holiday season upon us, the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party season has also begun. The problem I’ve always had with the ugly Christmas sweater phenomenon is that it’s, well, ugly. I don’t want to spend money on something that I’ll never wear again. I don’t have that kind of money.

Cue who offered up a few fabulously fashionable geeky Christmas sweaters for me to try. Having reviewed their DC licensed sweaters last year, I jumped at the chance to try out some of their newer products. The best part? When I was at NYCC, I almost bought one of them just because I loved it so much.

Despite being labeled as “Ugly Christmas Sweaters,” the patterns are perfectly secular and really more themed towards winter in an abstract way. While the naming is uninclusive, the problem is that it’s easier to search for an “ugly Christmas sweater” than “ugly sweater” or “ugly holiday sweater.” Trust me, if you’re doing an internet search, you want this one to come up in your results.

The BB-8 Men’s Ugly Sweater

Ugly CHristmas Sweater
Image from I’m clearly too lazy to change my makeup and take a picture (see below).

I am probably the biggest fan of BB-8 that I know. I’ve reviewed BB-8 pens¬†and even have a BB-8 knitting tattoo. So when I talk about BB-8 themed products, you know that I’m going to be all up in that.

The BB-8 men’s ugly Christmas sweater is less a sweater and more a sweatshirt. For guys like my husband, this is probably better. The cut is definitely male fitted, particularly throughout the shoulders. I’m a short little thing, topping out at 5′ 3/4″, so this is the main problem that I’ve encountered when wearing my sweater. I ordered a Men’s Medium, which fits everywhere else really well.

But you know what? I. Don’t. Care. I dress in geek attire almost every day. I even went in search of some geeky fancy dresses to wear to more formal functions. Friends and family are used to seeing me all decked out in nerd clothes.

So, when I got compliment after compliment after compliment on this BB-8 ugly sweater, I was pretty surprised. The compliments came from a wide array of people who wanted to know where I had gotten my brand-spanking awesome ugly holiday sweater.

Even better? If I’m really on point, I can match my makeup to the sweater, roll up my sleeves, and BB-8 out like a boss.

As someone who is perpetually cold, I also have to share that this ugly holiday sweater-sweatshirt is also incredibly warm. The fuzzy on the inside does a good job of staying intact through multiple washings while also keeping you toasty warm.

Speaking of multiple washing, I’ll admit to a bit of pilling, but overall, considering I’ve worn it twice a week since it arrived in mid-November, it holds up well.

The Wonder Woman Women’s Ugly Sweater

Yes, I matched my makeup to the sweater. Because I am lit.

OK, y’all. I’m a save-the-best-for-last kind of lady. If you’re a Wonder Woman fan, then you want this holiday sweater. First of all, I love the fact that the main image is the gigantic Wonder Woman insignia across the front. You can’t miss the fact that this is powerfully geeky women’s attire.

In terms of fit, this is definitely designed for those of us with more petite frames. The shoulders fit nicely, and there’s no weird bulge of excess fabric across the chest. For those who really need to know, I’m a chesty woman who weighs about 180 lbs and ordered the XL size. There’s enough room to move but not so much that I feel it’s oversized on me. In fact, the chest area is just about perfect.

As for the quality? As much as I love my little volleyball droid, the Wonder Woman ugly holiday sweater has my little friend beat for quality. This is a real sweater. Sporting a two-sided knit, the Wonder Woman ugly holiday sweater is warm and soft but not sweatshirt fuzzy.

Should I Buy the Ugly Christmas Sweater?

I’m going to go with an unqualified yes. These things are well made, standing up to my busy life’s wear and tear. Currently on sale for $19.99, the BB-8 sweater normally retails for $24.99. Meanwhile, the Wonder Woman ugly Christmas sweater retails for $49.99. Before you think that this price difference is targeted at women, there are several other men’s sweaters at the same higher price point.

Truthfully, if the BB-8 one was the same price as the Wonder Woman one, I’d be unable to recommend it because they’re different levels of quality.

As someone who hates the ugly sweater season, I love that these sweaters are the opposite of ugly. You will too.

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