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Crosley Gear Keeps Your Turntable, Records Sounding Their Best

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Crosley continues to expand its vinyl empire. Over the past few years, the company has expanded into audiophile territory with new turntables like the C20 I reviewed earlier this year. You can also now buy Crosley self-powered speakers to connect directly to your turntable.

But the company also makes a range of products designed to keep your listening experience at its best. Here are a few I’ve been using lately. If you happen to score a turntable for Christmas, these would make a great investment to keep it and your vinyl collection in top shape.

Crosley record care
A selection of Crosley’s record and turntable care products (Photo by Brad Moon).
Crosley record cleaning brush
Carbon fiber and felt record cleaning brushes in one unit (Photo by Brad Moon).

Combo Record Cleaning Brush

A critical part of the record playing ritual is cleaning the record just before playing. This means starting up the turntable and sweeping the record surface with a brush to remove dust, lint, and loose particles. Crosley’s Combo record cleaning brush offers two methods. One side is carbon fiber bristles that remove debris from grooves and reduce static charge for fewer pops and crackles. The other side is a soft felt brush that’s ideal for sweeping any remaining dust off the record.


Crosley stylus cleaner
Keep your turntable’s stylus clean (Photo by Brad Moon).

Stylus Cleaning Kit

Your turntable’s stylus is the key to good sound. However, it’s also on the receiving end of any junk that makes it past your cleaning and dust removal regimes. The diamond tip can accumulate dirt and gunk, and over time that slowly degrades sound. Crosley’s Stylus Cleaning Kit has everything you need to easily remove that accumulated grime. The kit consists of anti-static, no-residue fluid, along with a soft brush applicator. Simply wet the brush and use it to gently wipe the stylus for a thorough cleaning. It takes just seconds to do, and it’s way cheaper than a new stylus…

Crosley Vinyl Cleaner

When it comes to keeping your turntable in top working condition, and your records sounding great, it all starts with the vinyl. Many record fans add to their collection through used record shops, garage sales, and other sources of previously enjoyed vinyl. This is my preference for many records (as opposed to buying new) because recent re-releases of classic albums are often pressed using masters designed for digital release–so they don’t sound as good as the originals when played on a turntable. But… buying used vinyl means the product you receive is seldom in pristine condition.

Crosley vinyl cleaner
Cleaning records quickly, safely and effectively (Photo by Brad Moon).

Years of accumulated dirt, dust, and oil can be tough to effectively remove. But if you don’t get it all, the record isn’t going to sound as good as it should. And all that gunk is going to gum up your stylus. Crosley offers a Vinyl Cleaner that does a great job, without requiring the considerable investment for a motorized cleaner. Fill it up with distilled water, douse the microfiber cleaning brushes with included solution, set the rollers according to size (33, 45 or 78), insert the record, and rotate it a few times in each direction. The brushes and solution do the work for you, cleaning both sides of the record as it’s rotated. An included microfiber cloth is used for drying. Three capfuls of solution are enough to clean 50 records. You can pick it up for less than $50 on Amazon, making this a no-brainer for any record collector.

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