Spencers Top 5 Star Wars Gifts for the Holidays  Image: Dakster Sullivan

5 Things to Get Your ‘Star Wars’ Fan from Spencer’s This Season

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Spencers Top 5 Star Wars Gifts for the Holidays \ Image: Dakster Sullivan
Spencer’s Top 5 Star Wars Gifts for the Holidays \ Image: Dakster Sullivan

Spencer’s may not be your go-to place for the kids but when it comes to adults they are one of THE places for interesting gifts.

With Star Wars:The Last Jedi coming to theaters this Friday here is a short list of items perfect for the premiere and the wish list of your favorite Star Wars fan.

Captain Phasma Pocket Watch – $19.99

Captain Phasma Watch \ Image: Spencers
Captain Phasma Watch \ Image: Spencer’s

The Captain Phasma pocket watch is classy with a touch of badass. The interior features a cutout design of the Captain herself. It has some night weight to it and features an all-metal design.

Dome BB8 Pocket Watch – $29.99

BB8 Watch \ Image: Spencers
BB8 Watch \ Image: Spencer’s

The BB8 pocket watch is a bit different because it’s more of a necklace than a pocket watch. Features a color image of the galaxy’s newest adorable droid. I really like how long the chain is on this one because it gives me options on how to wear it.

R2 Alarm Clock – $29.99

R2 Alarm Clock \ Image: Spencers
R2 Alarm Clock \ Image: Spencer’s

I don’t think anyone would dare throw this R2 alarm clock when it goes off. He’s too cute for words. They also have a Darth Vader model that is sith-ly adorable.

Welcome to the Dark Side Door Mat – $24.99

Dark Side Door Mat \ Image: Spencers
Dark Side Door Mat \ Image: Spencer’s

Let everyone who dare enters your domicile who they are messing with. The Dark Side doormat will let everyone know it’s a dark side zone once they pass through those doors and they better watch their step.

Convertible Han Solo Backpack – $69.99

Han Solo Backpack \ Image: Spencers
Han Solo Backpack \ Image: Spencer’s

This Han Solo backpack is probably my favorite item on this list (what can I say…I’m a bag geek). This convertible backpack can be worn as a backpack or a shoulder bag. Whatever you are in the mood for.

Be sure to check out Spencer’s this holiday season for the adult in your life. 

Disclaimer: GeekMom was sent one of the items included in this list.

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