Turtle Beach Stealth 600

Review: Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless Gaming Headset Plays to Win

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Turtle Beach Stealth 600 wireless gaming headset
The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 fits with the XBox design aesthetic.

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Turtle Beach is a brand with a long and storied career in the world of gaming accessories, so when they asked me to review their Stealth 600 wireless gaming headset, I was interested. To be clear, I am not a hard-core gamer, but I do play more than my fair share of Overwatch (recently passed level 450; I’m a Junkrat main on offense, and a Symmetra main on defense). And I’m looking forward to a little Battlefront II in the near future.

But I do have good experience reviewing headphones in general, and my impressions of the sound quality of the Stealth 600s is very positive. The areas that Bluetooth headphones often fall a little short on are separation and range, but the Stealth 600s were great on both. Listening to music on them was a superior experience, because you could hear the individual instruments and voices distinctly, a quality that extends to gaming quite well; probably due to the 50mm drivers, which are as large as most premium headphones these days.

All the big games these days are cinematic experiences, and being able to experience both the soundtrack, the sound effects, and clearly hear voices and sounds with a sense of direction and impact is key – not only to enjoying them, but also to getting that competitive advantage that helps you win. These headphones delivered on those important points. There are even audio presets that let you customize your listening for things like higher bass levels.

wireless gaming headset
Controls are easy to find without looking.

The freedom of wireless connectivity is great, too. You don’t have to worry about the length of your cable, so you can get up and do things while you’re paused or in between games. And I found the battery life to be excellent. It’s rated at 15 hours of continuous play. All I know is that I charged it once, and made it last over a week of on-again/off-again gaming.

As for communicating with your team, the mic on the side catches your voice well, and the headphones will feed it back into your ears so you don’t end of yelling into your team channel. And if you need to quickly mute, just push it up to the side. Very handy!

wireless gaming headset
Fits well, even on a noggin like mine.

The fit is nice, too. The weight is well-distributed, and the number of ways the headphones expand and twist allow for them to fit nicely even on a head as large as mine (I wear a 7-1/2 hat size, minimum). The padding around the ears is breathable, allowing for extended playing times without getting sweaty ears. And they are shaped to allow for people who need to wear glasses while they game, which is a nice detail.

I’ve had a few other gaming headsets in the past, and the Turtle Beach Stealth 600s are definitely a cut above, delivery excellent sound, fit, comfort, and value. This holiday season, there are very likely to be some amazing new games under the tree. Maybe a cool new wireless gaming headset would make a perfect extra stocking stuffer, to make the gaming even better (as well as keeping a little peace in the house).

The Turtle Beach Stealth 600 retails for just $99. Find out more about them here.


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