Re-Spawn: PC Video Game News for Week 44

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Re-Spawn: PC Video Gaming News

Welcome to PC video game news for week 43. I’ve received some feedback and folks are indicating they would prefer if I separate the news and tips by platform so I’m going to give that a try. This one will be for PC games and I’ll include my tips here for the PC video games I’ve been playing lately. I’ll share any news that caught my eye as well.

Sam’s PC Video Game Tips

Fortnite Battle Royale Tips


The first tip for Fortnite Battle Royale this week is to farm whenever safe to do so. Especially large trees and rock formations. Being able to quickly throw up a wall or ramp can save you in a pinch and give you a height advantage. The end game is fast turning into building a base and waiting so if you make it to the top 10 you will need plenty of resources for that so replenish as able. When you’re doing the early looting, hit chairs, tables, fireplaces, etc. as you’re on the move. No need to stop to pound down an entire wall, that just draws attention to yourself, but if you swing as you go you’ll be picking up lots of small amounts of building materials and it can really add up.


My second tip seemed to be an obvious one to me but from watching streams and observing in-game while I play it apparently isn’t that obvious. Land on a roof when you can. Most chests are in the attics so you increase your odds of quickly finding one of those plus it helps you gain materials (see above) when you hack you way in through the roof.

In Your Face

Finally, this is one that has been helping me a bit lately. Fighting in close quarters? Not the best at jump-firing with accuracy? Get right up in their face if you aren’t the best at aiming under pressure. Surprisingly, almost everyone is as terrible as me at landing a shot when I am dancing on their head, so give it a try.

Enough of my humble opinions, take a look at some gameplay from much better players than I am.

Stream and YouTube Help

In keeping with the “tips” spirit, this week I’ll share a SXVXN Top 10 video that I rather enjoyed. He shows some of his WORST gameplay clips and talks about what he did wrong and how to do it better. His channel is linked to his name if you want to check out some of his other videos.

Do you have some Fortnite Battle Royale tips to share? Hit us up in the comments, share them on Facebook with us, or give me a shout on Twitter, @samanthafisher. I’d love to reshare your tips with the GeekDad followers. Want to group up for some duo/squad action? Tag me on Twitter and we can give it a try.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Tips

I focused my limited PC gaming time this week to Fortnite Battle Royale but I caught some good YouTube videos on PUBG that I want to share with you. StoneMountain64 makes some great pointer videos, especially for folks newer to FPS games. Below is one of his “beginner guides” which is really just him talking strategy over some of his gameplay clips. He makes sense, so give him a listen. I linked to his channel on his name above if you want to watch some of his other content.

As with any PUBG gameplay video you will hear adult language. But this one… if you only watch the opening sequence you are doing yourself a service because this is one of the most hilarious reactions to something going awry that I’ve seen yet. This guy’s laughter is irresistible. Part of the humor is in folks getting caught in something they can’t escape which usually results in some language. So skip this if you don’t like to hear it.


I haven’t been able to play much Overwatch this week but I love playing Junkrat and found this great tips video. People like to joke that there is no skill to Junkrat but that just isn’t true. He takes finesse to actually excel with him so catch these tips below and see how you can improve your Junkrat play.


Video Game News Recap


The latest developer’s update video dropped this week. In this third installment, they explain a little about how progression works, answer questions about why they remap key bindings and sensitivities with major updates (hint: it is because they are working on the best default setup and when they change that it remaps for all players), share that global leaderboards are not on the radar yet, are working on some improvements to the speed of placing traps, and though new maps are not currently a priority improvements to the current map are and they are working on those now. The goal is to add more places of interest, possibly increase the island just a tad, and to make it a little easier to spread out at the beginning.

Blizzard’s Latest Video Game News


New Hero: Moira

The most exciting Overwatch news to me out of Blizzcon is the new support character, Moira. We have two videos about her, the first the introduction video from Blizzcon, then her origin story video below. You can also check out her hero page.

Her skills are:

  • Biotic Grasp. Moira’s left hand sends out biotic energy to heal allies in front of her while her right hand can shoot out a long-range life-sucking beam that drains her enemies while restoring her own biotic energy.
  • Biotic Orb. Choosing either regen or decay, Moira throws out a rebounding orb of biotic energy that can either heal or hurt.
  • Fade. Short and fast teleport ability.
  • Coalescence. This combines her two main abilities to heal and harm into one long-range beam so anyone it comes in contact with is healed if an ally and wounded if an enemy. This ability also pierces barriers.



Hearthstone Splash, Copyright Blizzard Entertainment
Hearthstone Splash, Copyright Blizzard Entertainment

The new expansion Kobolds & Catacombs arrives in December. It includes:

  • Legendary Weapons will be specific to each class and vary based on their unique style and skills.
  • Unidentified Items are cards that have a static base effect but gain a mystery bonus when added to your deck.
  • Spellstones are class-specific with each class getting their own which levels up as gameplay happens.
  • New cards were announced.
    • Minions: Marin the Fox, Kobold Illusionist, Drygulch Jailor, Carnivorous Cube, ‘Rin, the First Disciple’, and Guild Recruiter
    • Legendary Weapons: Aluneth and Dragon Soul
    • Spells: Wandering Monster, Lesser Sapphire Spellstone, Lesser Jasper Spellstone, Unidentified Elixer, Crushing Walls, and Gather Your Party
  • Free Legendary Cards will be given to each player to celebrate the new expansion.

Those are the highlights for PC this week. There are of course plenty of other games out there but I want to highlight the games I know or of interest to me. Want me to include some other games? Message me on Twitter and I’ll take a look. @samanthafisher

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