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10 Awesome New Kickstarter Projects This Week

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Check out these awesome new Kickstarter Projects:

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Wiggle Kit – A New Instrument For Singers

Manipulate vocal effects by waving your arms around.


Capsule – Your Smart Photo Assistant

Keep all your photos and videos at home, not in somebody’s cloud.


Litterati – Join the Community that’s Cleaning the Planet

Can crowdsourced data about litter lead to cleaner cities?


Somnox – world’s first sleep robot to improve your sleep.

The Dutch have invented a pillow that breathes.


NeuroBytes: Electronic Neuron Simulators

It’s never too early to learn how neural networks work.


World’s First Giant Robot Tournament!

The MegaBots crew is starting a robot sports league.


Vinci 2.0 – World’s First Standalone AI Sports Headphones

The second headphones project from this creator adds Alexa.


BioGlo – Living Ocean Light

An hourglass-shaped aquarium with bioluminescent creatures.


Circa — the stand-alone smart alarm that helps you sleep.

When our phones became our alarm clocks, we lost something. See also Oboo.


eowave quadrantid swarm – experimental touch synthesizer

An instrument that looks like some kind of black-magic device.


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