Home Projection Is Beautiful and Easy With the Epson Home Cinema 3700

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Why the Epson Home Cinema 3700?

With big family electronics purchases often saved for Christmas, you might be in the market for a new television. But before you plunk down hundreds of dollars on another flat screen that’s only a marginal improvement on the last flat screen and is almost guaranteed to seem a bit small when you get it home in your living room, why not step up to a projector? The Epson Home Cinema 3700 can project a bigger and brighter picture than most flat screens–at a better price per square inch than just about anything.

Epson Home Cinema 3700 Specifications

The Epson Home Cinema 3700 is a 3LCD projector that projects in 1080p, meaning you’ll get a picture that’s every bit as crisp as any of the flat screens at the local big box store. The 3LCD means the projector uses 3-chip technology, which Epson claims will result in colors that are three times brighter than competitive projectors, both colors and whites outputting at up to 3,000 lumens, which should be enough for even rooms with windows. Having colors match the brightness of whites onscreen mean everything seems balanced. What’s more, the projector boasts a contrast ratio up to 70,000:1, for some dark blacks. The picture is stunning!

A projector can throw a 110″ picture on to a wall in a very short distance–as little as ten feet. But that’s just one option. The 3700 can show a crisp image at 30 inches to 300 inches, all in a short space, thanks to its 1.6x zoom and auto iris lens.

Additionally, the 3700 has built-in, dual 10 watt speakers, which actually are pretty decent–if the projector is sitting just above or in front of you and are adequate when you have no other options, but for serious sound, you are going to want to hook the projector up to a receiver or amplifier and speakers. And if you’re up for it, the 3700 can project 3D movies (glasses not included).

Getting the Home Cinema 3700 from the store to your living room won’t be a challenge. You won’t need to borrow the neighbor’s truck or clean out the back of your van. At about 16″ x 12″ x 6″ and just 15 pounds, you could bring this one home from the store on a bicycle–just another benefit of a projector over a big, awkward flat screen.

Setup is a breeze. Just plug in the projector, connect your video device, make a couple, quick focus adjustments, and you’re off and running. The projector has a home button, which directs you to some simple settings. You can go deeper and detailed if you wish, of course, but if you get lost, a simple tap of home and you’re back to familiar territory. Aside from the power, there are a handful of outputs on the back: two HDMI (one for MHL), a USB, audio out jack, and a D-Sub 15-pin connector.

The projector has an Eco mode, which is great for dark rooms. Not only will it prolong the life of the bulb, but it also turns the fan into barely a whisper. If you need a bit more, there is both a medium and high, making the picture brighter and brighter. The only knock for me was that at high, the fan was loud enough to be an annoyance. That said, I didn’t think, even in a room with ambient light, the high setting was ever necessary.

Why You Should Get the Epson Home Cinema 3700

Having used the 3700 in my bright kitchen sitting room, basement, and even on my 15′ outdoor movie screen, the picture on the Epson Home Cinema 3700 is incredibly impressive. The blacks are very black, the colors are bright, and everything from movies to sports to video games looks great.

I love the versatility of a projector. I can use it to stream television indoors, play video games on a huge picture, or as I mentioned, play movies on a huge screen outdoors. But I have also used a projector to put an outline on the wall for a mural in our nursery and to project scary Halloween images on our house for trick or treaters. A projector is a Swiss army knife piece of electronics for me and I can’t imagine being without one. The immersion that a huge screen creates makes you feel more a part of the game, movie, or… anything.

The Epson Home Cinema 3700 is pretty awesome. Setup is simple and with its bright projection, great contrast, vibrant colors, and crisp picture, it’s definitely a projector worth considering for your home.

Epson Home Cinema 3700 Price & Availability

The Epson Home Cinema 3700 is available now. Online, you can purchase from Epson, Amazon, or Best Buy.

Disclosure: GeekDad received a copy of this product for review purposes.

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