Injustice 2 #14

DC Comics Reviews: ‘Injustice 2’ #14

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Injustice 2 #14
cover to Injustice 2 #14, image via DC Comics

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Injustice 2 #14 – Tom Taylor, Writer; Daniel Sampere, Penciller; Juan Albarran, Inker; Rex Lokus, Colorist

Rating: Ray – 8/10

This issue is a breather–of sorts–in the aftermath of the apocalyptic events of the recent battle with Ra’s Al Ghul. And by breather, I mean there’s still no less than five major character developments in the aftermath of the destruction of both Washington DC at the hands of Aqualad and the demise of Ra’s Al Ghul’s animal sanctuary in a friendly fire incident involving Blue Beetle. The latter leads to Blue Beetle getting kicked out of the Batcave and essentially removed from the resistance by Batman, who is at his most dickish. Despite Plastic Man’s attempt to talk to Jaime, the young hero heads home–and is recruited by Booster Gold, who was told by Ted Kord to train him.

Meanwhile, Jefferson Pierce returns home with his family–and is promptly surrounded by dozens of federal officers. At first, it looks like he’s being arrested, but they’re here for Senator Pierce for another reason–as the last surviving Senator after the attack on the inauguration, he’s now the President of the US. That’s an intriguing status quo shift. Then there’s Bruce himself, who is having a much less enjoyable time as he’s called to testify before Congress about his involvement with the late President, as well as his knowledge about Aqualad’s plans. We rarely see a world where Bruce’s identity is public, and Taylor’s doing some interesting things with his inability to hide anymore. But as the issue’s ending indicates, he’s not going in a good direction. This continues to be an intriguing universe, especially since the relaunch.

Black Lightning, Injustice 2 #14
Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning. Image via DC Comics

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