Harley Quinn #35 cover

DC Comics Review – Harley Quinn #32: Revenge Is Violent

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Harley Quinn #35 cover
Return of the hammer. Image via DC Comics

Harley Quinn #32 – Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner, Writers; Bret Blevins, Breakdowns; John Timms, Finishes; Alex Sinclair, Colorist


Ray – 5/10

Ray: On their way out the door, it seems like Palmiotti and Conner are going to burn the whole house down and leave on a downer note. Last issue saw the sadistic Mayor DiPetro capture Harley and her erstwhile frenemy Harley Sinn, and force Harley to watch as he executed her boyfriend Mason Macabre. This issue is all about her revenge, and it’s every bit as brutal and deserved as you’d expect. But that doesn’t mean it’s a satisfying read. The issue opens with the two Harleys being held by bodyguards and slated for execution. Harley seems to be killed, but sure enough, she escapes via the most ridiculous concept I’ve heard in a while (Remember the American Dad episode where Stan was paralyzed by a bullet and was then later cured by a bullet knocking the first bullet out of his spine? Basically that.)

From there, it’s a straight march of carnage to the Mayor’s hideout. There are a few affecting scenes, such as Harley’s brief phone call with Pamela (next writers, just let them be a couple full-time please) and the mostly off-screen communication with Mason’s mother. Then Harley descends on the Mayor’s mansion, dispatching the irksome Madison first after she’s betrayed by the Mayor, and then tracking down the Mayor with the help of Red Tool. After turning his torture and execution over to Madame Macabre, she heads home with Mason’s body. This is the conclusion of stories going back almost five years now, so it’s disappointing to see the entire thing come down to a hastily arranged haze of carnage and explosions.

Harley Quinn 32, 2017
Harley explains how to survive being shot. Image via DC Comics

Corrina: Contrary to the smiling Harley on the cover image, this Harley is in full revenge mode. I’ve loved this comic when it uses a dark sense of skewed humor that’s perfect to the character. I’m less enthused when it turns into a bloody revenge story, which this does. It’s unrelenting and dark, and it should feel satisfying but, instead, it just reminds me that Harley is a villain at heart, one who just murdered a whole swath of people. For good reason, mind you, and they were crooked cops, but it’s not something I enjoyed reading. Wish I could say otherwise because,¬†overall, Palmiotti and Conner have done great things with Harley Quinn. Perhaps DC wanted a reset to villainy. :sigh:

Aside: Nope, don’t buy the reason Harley survived a gunshot to the neck. Even for comic book physics, that defies logic.

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