Spiffingly Easy DIY Tick and Arthur Costume Accessories

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Looking for a true blue costume idea this Halloween? Look no further, and try these Tick antennae. All images: Lisa Tate

Hey kids, who wants to be a hero this Halloween or at the next comic convention?

There are all kinds of heroes. Those who help others unable to help themselves. Those who stand up for what they believe is right. Those who work to find a way to make their own part of the world a better place…

…and those who can leap from building to building in search of injustice, danger or very rude behavior, like me, The Tick!

Thank you, Tick. Okay, let’s be The Tick and Arthur! They can be heroic…at times. Often by accident.

But, please, remember to pick only one..you can’t very well be both Arthur and me at the same time. I mean, that would be awkward, or in the very least stuffy!

Want to feel nigh-invulnerable? Just add antennae!

Either way, try some Tick and Arthur antennae and wings kids and adults can make without very little or no glue needed.

For Tick’s segmented antennae, you’ll need:

  • Blue construction or scrapbook paper
  • Blue art tape or painter’s tape
  • Blue pony beads (ten for each antenna)
  • Two blue chenille craft stems
  • Blue headband, or cover any colored headband with blue tape

Wait a minute…okay. Got it all right here!

Where were you carrying all that? Never mind.

For each antenna, twist a chenille stem around the headband, and add one pony bead to secure it.

Next made ten blue circles 2″ in diameter (five for each antennae), and cut a wedge in each one.

Like little hungry, blue Pac-Mans!

Shape each circle into a cone, and secure the blue tape. Don’t worry if some of the paper shows through, the color will be similar.

Now the little Pac-Mans have turned into a blue tepee village!


Tick antennae can be made by stacking blue cones on a chenille stem and topping off with a paper “pincer.”

Use a toothpick or small Phillips screwdriver to carefully make a hole in the tip of the cone, and string the cone, cup up on the chenille stem. Add two pony beads and string on the next cone. The beads will prevent the cones from stacking into each other too far. Once the fifth cone is added, add one more bead, and fold the top end of the chenille stem into the bead, to make a loop. If you want, you can secure it with a drop of craft glue.

For the tops of the antennae, cut out four pieces of blue paper (around 2″ long) in long heart shapes to resemble the pincers.

Pincers are very important part of the Tick anatomy, although mine are purely decorative…and exceptionally awesome.

Place one shape on each side of the loop. Glue them together with craft glue or secure with more tape. They should flop around a bit, but if they are too floppy, twist some more chenille stem around the bottom to secure them. Wear with a plain blue dollar store mask.


For Arthur’s Antennae, you’ll need:

  • Two pheasant feathers
  • Two white or silver chenille stems
  • White or silver headband


..ask the pheasant nicely if he has a couple of feathers to spare…

Or, pick these up at a craft store. You can get a package of two for under $3. Take the feather and bend its quill end around the headband. Wrap a chenille stem around the folded up end, and around the headband, then back around the feather. This will secure the feathers on nice and tight. Add a pair of white plastic sunglasses, or goggles (painted white) to complete the look.

There, is however, one last thing any Arthur really needs.

Confidence, and perhaps a little more deltoid tone…

Nooo, Arthur needs wings!

And wings, too! I was going to say wings.

Attach two pheasant feathers to a headband with chenille stem and it’s instant Arthur!

Arthur’s wings can also be made without glue. You’ll need:

  • Two white school presentation boards (for kid’s size wings)
  • Silver duct tape or art tape
  • Some white ribbon
  • White chenille stems

For each wing, cut two identical triangles, one for the top and one for the bottom (cut four shapes in all). These can be as simple as just triangles, or you can add a little more shape to them, like the Arthur in any of the television shows.

They made a ‘Tick’ television show?

Three, actually. Take your pick, but younger kids should really just stick with the animated series.

Two wings can be cut from one 24″×36″ presentation board, but taller individuals might need to cut one wing from each board. Have an adult help with the cutting.

Arthur, however, won’t need to worry about that. He’s not burdened with extra height like some of us.

Outline each wing with some of the silver tape around the edges. You can use additional tape to make designs on the wings themselves.

Cut out four identical triangles or similar shapes to form Arthur’s impressive wing span.

Once the wings are done, cut two circles from the leftover board (4″ or 5″ diameter). Place the tip of each wing on one circle, then the other circle on top of the wing. Using a Phillips screwdriver, make two holes through all three layers, and secure each wing in place with a chenille stem. Tie off the stem in the back (as shown below).

Poke one more hole in each of the four wings, and add two more chenille stems, crossed, for support. Make one stem reach from top right wing to bottom left, and the other from the top left wing to the bottom right.

wing backsteps
The four wing segments can attached to a center circle by poking holes in wing tips and threading a chenille stem through the layers.

Cover the top layer with more silver tape, for security and appearance. Use the excess chenille stems to twist over two long ribbons; one going through the top wing to the bottom wing on each side. Tie these around each, arm for nifty pair of Arthur wings.

Yes!!!. Plus, you can now fly like Arthur off the tops of any tall building. First make a good running start and freely fling yourself…..

No! No you can’t! Please, don’t try to fly actually fly or leap off buildings.

You might not be able to fly like Arthur, but you’ll look good posing.

Add all these Tick and Arthur accessories to any blue outfit (for Tick), or white or grey outfit (for Arthur), such as leggings, sweats and a t-shirt or whatever you have that fits the color. Add to a sold color cocktail dress with a matching necklace for fancier look.

Add a necklace by decoupaging a comic image to an flat pendant and lacing it onto a blue ribbon.

What is the term for a female tick?

A tick. But female ticks are larger, and sometimes darker.

Ah! Science is everywhere, kids! Always be on the lookout for that sneaky mistress called “knowledge.”

Anyway, you can also to add little “bling” to the look, with..

…a BELL…or is that a little “ding?”

Actually, with a spoon!


Don’t forget your spoon.

Tie a blue bow or other trimming around a large serving spoon (or leave it plain) for an easy prop. Tick and I thank you for being part of our little costume craft time.

No, “thank you” needed, citizens…although I wouldn’t say no to the chocolaty goodness Butterfinger of Mr. Goodbar, should you see me on the trick or treat path or Halloween party.

Easy Tick and Arthur accessories ready for any blue or white outfit.
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