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Two years ago I published an article here on GeekDad about a new comic book I ran across at MegaCon 2016 in Orlando… Solar Flare. In case you missed my original article about Solar Flare, here is a short description from the Solar Flare Facebook page:

Solar Flare Comic
Image from the Solar Flare Facebook page

“This comic book series is about a group of people brought together after the world’s worst Solar Flare disaster, which leaves everyone with little to no electronics (similar to an electric magnetic pulse). The solar flare disaster acts as a backdrop for a story that highlights the human enigma via complex characters that blur the lines between right and wrong. The primary goal is for the group of main characters (8) to travel safely (in a world with no functioning modern transportation) from Florida to Tennessee to deliver valuable information to the government that will help save millions of lives. The story highlights their difficult journey through a now chaotic analog world.”

I was really impressed with the Solar Flare comic as I read my way through the first six issues two years ago. I anxiously awaited the arrival of issue #7, but it never arrived. So when I found out that a brand new compilation book (trade paperback) was coming out that included issues 1-6 (which is being calling Season 1) and that a brand new comic (Season 2 Issue #1) was also right around the corner, I got really excited. So I got back in contact with James Haick, the author of Solar Flare to fill in a little bit about what has been going on behind the scenes with the Solar Flare comic:

Skip: So what happened between your release of Issue #6 back when we first talked at MegaCon 2016 and today? It sounds like there have been a few changes with the Solar Flare comic and how it is being published.

James:  At the beginning of 2017 we got picked up by a publisher, Scout Comics. Scout agreed to publish us monthly and release direct market editions of the issues 1-6 and continue the story from there. Since then, the Solar Flare team has been hard at work creating and we are 9 issues ahead! We also decided to separate the story in separate six issue seasons. Season 2 #1 (#7) comes out the second week of November. It will be the first unpublished issue released by Scout.

Skip: Has your “day job” changed since we last talked? Back in 2016 you had your own financial advising practice. Is that still the case? How has the balance between that career and your endeavor as a comic book writer been?

James: My day job is still the same. I love what I do. I get to help people control, maintain, and grow their finances. The balance has been difficult at times, but time management is the key in my opinion.

Skip: Back in 2016 you mentioned you had a few other comic books in the works. Any updates there?

James: Yes, as a matter of fact I do. The Mall will be coming out next year via Scout Comics. There’s some VERY big announcements forthcoming on this awesome project so stay tuned! I also expect to sign a deal shortly with my wrestling comic project. Still too soon to say. I think that will be release next year as well.

Skip: Are there any teasers you want to toss out to our GeekDad readers about where the Solar Flare story arc is going?

James: Season 2 takes place in Port Charlotte, which is just north of where the story started. This is a very pivotal story arc in the lives of the main characters, especially Jake and Frank. I can’t wait for people to read it!

As I mentioned above, the upcoming Solar Flare trade paperback (Solar Flare Season 1), which collects Issues 1-6 into a single book, is being released the second week of November. The Solar Flare comic takes place in Ft. Myers, Florida, and Ft. Myers was recently hit by a category 4 hurricane (not a solar flare but another kind of very devastating natural disaster). So the Solar Flare team and Scout Comics have teamed up to release a special edition of Solar Flare Season 1 (a 400-copy printing) where $15 of the $19.99 purchase price will be donated to two local Ft. Myers charities (United Way of Southwest Florida and the Harry Chapin Food Bank). This limited edition release of Solar Flare even has a variant cover that was drawn by Ben Bishop.

Solar Flare Comic
The variant cover (on the left) is by Josh Hood for the limited edition charity printing of the trade paperback and the regular trade paperback cover is by series artist Branko Jovanovic (on the right) – Images from James Haick

You can order the Solar Flare Season 1: Fort Myers graphic novel as well as the limited release charity variant directly from the Solar Flare comic website. The latest issue, Solar Flare Season 2 Issue #1, will be available at the Solar Flare comic website, the publisher’s website Scout Comics, and of course at your favorite local comic book store. If your local comic book store doesn’t know about Solar Flare yet, let them know. I’ve already had my local comic book store order one in for me, so they will have Solar Flare Season 2 Issue #1 waiting for me to come in and pick up on release day!

Solar Flare Comic
The variant cover (on the left) and the standard cover (on the right) from the upcoming Solar Flare Season 2 Issue #1 – Images from James Haick
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