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Kids Love ‘Minecraft?’ Try the Afterschool Code and Play Labs at Connected Camps!

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Minecraft continues to be one of the best ways for kids to get exciting about computers, and delving into coding, game design, and the nuts and bolts of building digital things. And possibly the best way to let your kids explore this side of Minecraft is through the programs at Connected Camps.

We’ve featured the amazing summer programs at Connected Camps before, but now they’re also running some cool afterschool labs so your kids can keep exploring and learning all year.

Connected Camps is now offering a unique drop-in afterschool program for kids 9 to 13 years old! Weekly labs in-game design, coding, media creation, and creative building in Minecraft, accessed from the comfort of your home.

  • Flexible. Your child can choose to attend labs that easily fit their afterschool schedule–they can participate anytime we’ve got a lab in session.
  • Completely online, so your child can join in from home during afterschool hours.
  • Interactive. Your child will be collaborating with other kids (and counselors) while they’re online, and they’ll be fully engaged the entire time.
  • A program that can spark a lifelong interest in technology and coding in your son or daughter.
  • A way to make “screen time” more beneficial and productive for your child. They’ll be having fun and learning important skills at the same time!
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There’s the Game Lab, where kids can come together to learn how to build and play games inside the Minecraft environment. There’s the Creative Lab where kids have fun with build challenges and learn the fundamentals of building things inside the game. In the Coding Lab, kids learn how to program their own digital creations and make them act and react inside the environment. And in the Media Lab, they can learn how to create animations using Minecraft, a few free tools, and their own imaginations.

With your monthly Connected Camps Afterschool subscription, your child will get full access to all the afterschool labs we’ll be running each week. Each session will be 90 minutes in length, and kids can participate in as many sessions as they like each month.

Each session, we’ll be focusing on a specific topic, and your child can hop between topics, or stick to the same track – it’s totally up to them! Labs run every day of the week except Friday. On the weekdays our labs are open from 1:15pm – 4:45pm PT and weekends from 9am – 12:30pm PT. For the full schedule click here!

All labs are staffed by experienced counselors (including some of your favorite counselors from our summer camp program!).

If you want to give your kids this amazing experience, and access to safe, secure, and moderated Minecraft servers, the 9-month program costs $29.95 a month when purchased up front, and the first month is free. Even better, if you use the code gdafterschool, you’ll receive a $20 off coupon for Connected Camps Summer program, too. Sign up here!

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  1. One of the educational games that most work the brain, Minecraft is a great game for kids just have to be careful with addiction!

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