GeekDad Daily Deal: A Lifetime Premium Subscription to unGlue

Daily Deal

Make sure the little ones in your life are protected and engaged with, a Lifetime Premium Subscription to unGlue. unGlue allows you to manage your kid’s online time so that they aren’t on the tiny screen every moment of the day. Set time limits, track their screen time, check their schedules, and even roll over unused minutes. You can also manage their schedules or chores through the program as well. And, it works with any desktops, laptops, smartphones, or game consoles, so it’s got them covered everywhere. Check out more details by clicking the link above.

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2 thoughts on “GeekDad Daily Deal: A Lifetime Premium Subscription to unGlue

  1. I jusf purchased this not knowing ybd apps are not avaible in thd australian google play or apple app store. Other sites mention thus is nog availzble outsidd US egc ghis app did not havdd thus mentioned. I know uou have no refund policy but i cannot use it?

    1. Dave Proctor were you able to get a refund? Did you buy the lifetime premium subscription? If you did and were unable to get a refund I will buy the subscription from you assuming it’s a code or something that you got?
      Thanks Amanda

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