Wyrmwood Prophecy

The Table That Was Foretold – Wyrmwood Gaming Unveils Prophecy

Wyrmwood Prophecy
Pictured in Black Walnut, the Prophecy is everything you’d expect a gaming table from Wyrmwood to be (Image: Wyrmwood Gaming)

It’s well documented that I adore Wyrmwood Gaming. Not only do they craft some of the most gorgeous wooden gaming accessories available, they do so on schedule, and with some of the greatest customer service I’ve ever encountered in a company. They’re genuinely good people who have a good grasp of the market and what they can realistically accomplish.

Which is why their latest endeavor has me excited and nervous at the same time. Unveiled today at Gen Con, Wyrmwood Gaming has started taking pre-orders for the Prophecy gaming table. An 88″ x 52″ x 33″ heirloom-quality table, crafted from one of Wyrmwood’s core 16 woods and finished naturally with oil and wax. It features a magnetic rail around the perimeter of the table (both exterior and interior) and a double-sided hardwood/sueded gaming surface that either sits flush with the table or can be lowered 3″ via an internal mechanical lift.

The joinery and craftsmanship is what you would expect from master furniture makers Doug and Ian Costello (who created custom furniture before founding Wyrmwood Gaming with Ed Maranville back in 2012). And that’s the biggest focus. The Prophecy is a beautiful table before it’s anything else. But can the company bridge the transition from “maker of beautiful gaming accessories” to “maker of beautiful gaming furniture?”

What Makes Prophecy Good for Gaming?

Wyrmwood Prophecy
Some of the various options, including inlay and GM Shelf. On the right you can see the joinery that goes into assembling the table (Image: Wyrmwood Gaming)

So what about the bits and pieces of the Prophecy that make it a “gaming table?” As I mentioned, the gaming surface is two-sided, allowing you to play either on hardwood or suede. You can also purchase gridded battlemat or clear acrylic overlays for the surface that are dry-erase friendly.

The lift mechanism is optional; but allows you to drop the gaming surface by up to 3″ using a unique crank. Of course, once you opt for the lift mechanism, you’ll want to get a topper as well to keep your games safe.

An optional topper in matching wood (or a different wood if you’d like) creates a gasket-sealed, spill-resistant chamber underneath the table’s surface. You can also pick up a matching Game Master’s shelf that will fit over one end of the table and allow you to assemble your Game Master Screen system (i.e. Fortress of Ultimate Nerdery).

Additionally, you can pick up cup holders and component holders that work with the magnetic rail system. They’re nice, if not a bit basic. I’ll be very curious to see what additional components are made available once the Prophecy takes off.

Wyrmwood Prophecy
Component trays slot into the magnetic rail around the perimeter (Image: Wyrmwood Gaming)

How Much Does a Wood Table Cost If a Wood Table is Made of Wood?

Each table will come fully assembled (unless you request bolt-on legs to reduce the shipping costs) and will be shipped via white-glove delivery (a hefty $500 to $1,200 fee, which is still being finalized).

While we’re talking numbers, let’s get this out of the way – the Prophecy gaming table is Wyrmwood’s most expensive product to date. For a base table in Red Oak, the cost is $5,000. Fancier woods, of course, cost more, ranging from $5,400 to $13,200 to the wallet-puckering “Contact Us.” The base table is gorgeous and gets you the magnetic rail, but that’s it. There’s no lift mechanism (that’s an extra $1,000), no accessories, no topper. If you were to create a “base level” table with all the accessories it would look something like this:

  • Red Oak Table – $5,000
  • Lift mechanism – $1,000
  • Topper – $1,000
  • Master Shelf – $150
  • Battlemat Overlay – $250
  • Component Trays (4) – $120 ($30 each)
  • Cup Holders (4) – $180 ($45 each)
  • Shipping – $500 (minimum)

For the least expensive wood option, that puts the total at $8,200. Now what if you chose the most expensive listed options in Purpleheart?

  • Purpleheart Table – $13,200
  • Lift Mechanism – $1,000
  • Topper – $2,800
  • Master Shelf – $400
  • Battlemat Overlay – $250
  • Component Trays (4) – $400 ($100 each)
  • Cup Holders (4) – $480 ($120 each)
  • Shipping – $500 (minimum)

That’s a grand total of $19,030!

As you can see, choosing a more exotic wood affects the price of all components and raises the grand total exponentially. Either way, it’s a hefty price to pay for a piece of furniture, even one as nice as the Prophecy.

That’s why Wyrmwood is offering a couple of different payment methods. One option, and the option that gets you your table quicker, is Milestone Payment, where you pay half the total cost up front, with the other half due upon delivery (a year from initial payment). You can also opt to pay $1,000 down on your new table with the Experience Pre-Payment plan, and then pay 24 equal monthly payments on the remainder (around $300 in my tricked-out Red Oak example). The catch is that Wyrmwood doesn’t start building your table until they receive 12 payments and will only deliver the table when they receive the final payment a year after that. So it’s easier to budget; but you’ve got to be very, very patient.

Wyrmwood Prophecy
The lifting mechanism is optional, but must be chosen when you order the table (Image: Wyrmwood Gaming)

If you’re quick, you can get one of the first 12 tables to be shipped out next March (but only if you use their 2-payment option). Once those spots are taken, Wyrmwood Gaming will take pre-orders for an additional 30 tables for “Milestone Payment” customers, to be shipped in September of 2018.

Additional information (with PDFs that detail the process and more granulated pricing/wood options) along with the pre-order links can be found on the Prophecy page: https://wyrmwoodgaming.com/prophecy-2/.

Wyrmwood Gaming Prophecy
Prototype table at Gen Con 2017 (Image: Dave Banks)

I’ll be covering the Prophecy more as the first units enter production and will have additional Wyrmwood Gaming news soon. If you’re at Gen Con, be sure to swing by their booth to check out the prototype table they have on display.

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