Road to Kickstarter 7: Update on Social Media and Catching My Breath

Road to Kickstarter: The Kickstarter Video
Copyright 2017 Claire Jennings

This update is going to be short and sweet, as I was on vacation for a good part of last week. I’ve been trying to pull together the different social media sites and make them useful. As I said earlier, I am concentrating on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, in addition to my website. We will see if Facebook lets me change the name of my page to reflect the URL I got for this. But, in the end, I can recreate if needed.

Here is a quick look at each:


Looking forward:

Hopefully, the chaos that I have been in over the last week will clear, and things will come together, as my self-set deadline is coming up. I just want everything to work happily together, and it will hopefully get there soon.

Until next week,

A programmer at heart, Claire Jennings spent the first seventeen years of her career as a software development engineer before diving into cyber security. She spent eight years of her career in the video game industry, learning how virtual worlds are put together. Now a mother of a four-year-old daughter, she and her husband strives to help children understand how to control the technology that runs through every thread of their lives using her knowledge gained while in the video game and cyber security industries.