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GeekDad Reviews: Umbreon and Espeon Pokémon Gallery Figures

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espeon umbreon

It’s always feast or famine in the realm of Pokémon; either you’re scraping fan sites for mere speculation about the franchise’s next big move or you’re up to the proverbial eyeballs in hot new reveals and other goings-on. Right now we are definitely in the latter phase.

Last weekend was the 2017 Pokémon World Championships, we’ve got Pokken Tournament DX arriving on the Nintendo Switch next month (not to mention Pokémon Gold and Silver coming to the 3DS eShop the same day), and another Pokémon TCG expansion Sun and Moon — Shining Legends is headed to the States on October 6. Oh, and of course Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon hit stores on November 17, just in time for all your holiday shopping.

For me, though, the coolest thing going on in the world of Pokémon is the newest arrivals in the exclusive Pokémon Gallery series. Available now at the Pokémon Center Online, two dazzling Eevee evolutions practically beg to become a part of your growing collection.

Psychic Espeon leaps into action performing its trademark Light Screen. The lovely lavender figure itself has a solid and satisfying sculpt, but the semi-transparent effect of the Light Screen—when viewed from the front, at least—really takes things up a notch.

This pairs perfectly with my new favorite, it’s polar opposite Umbreon. Again, while the pose of the Pokémon is nice enough, it’s the addition of its swelling Dark Pulse attack, presented in a pair of translucent colors, that makes it shine. Which is ironic… because, y’know, it’s a Dark-type Pokémon.

Both are available now for the standard price of $16.99, and they’re equally gorgeous whether you choose to display them in their collector’s boxes or take them out. Ours are presently perched in the seat of honor atop the family piano. Sorry, Magikarp; you’ve been demoted.

Review materials provided by: 2017 Pokémon World Championships

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