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Kickstarter Tabletop Alert! Buy Yourself an Army With Reaper Miniatures Bones 4

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Reaper Miniatures Bones 4 Kickstarter is yet another chance to get unpainted, plastic, 28mm-scale miniatures at the cheapest prices available. While there are ways to get a hold of some cheap pre-painted plastic miniatures, and other options available such as virtual table-tops that use digital tokens, or cardboard pawns, if you want the highest quality yet cheapest unpainted miniatures, then Reaper Miniatures has your back with their once-every-couple-years Bones Kickstarter!

The value comes from the fact that the special molds needed to make each model are expensive, but once those costs are covered, each individual model is incrementally very cheap to produce. The Core Set from a $100 pledge starts, before stretch goals, with a modest number of figures, but as stretch goals fall (and they fall like flies), the base pledge gains an enormous amount of figures. At the time of this writing the Core Set includes over 80 figures. The Core Set even includes a large dragon! With stretch goals dropping daily, I’m certain there will be even more in the Core Set by the time you’re reading this.

Reaper Bones Core Set
The $100 pledge reward Core Set at the time of this writing. This set will get quite a bit larger by the end of the campaign and stretch goals continue to drop. Image from Bones 4 Kickstarter.

As if that’s not enough, there are numerous add-ons available including wraiths, giants, demons, and a dragon turtle! There’s also a set of paints available as an add-on. In addition to these add-ons with set figure counts, you can add on the $50 Chronoscope Expansion set. This sci-fi themed set is perfect for your new Starfinder or other technology-based campaign and continues to grow as stretch goals are reached, just like the Core Set.

If you’re not interested in the larger sets of miniatures you can pledge for just the specific add-ons you want.

Bones 4 Dragon Turtle Add-On
Many add-ons are available, such as this $15 Dragon Turtle. Image from Bones 4 Kickstarter.

If you have any interest in painting miniatures, the Bones Kickstarters can leave you with enough models to keep you busy for a very long time. It’s a great way to boost your skills, start the hobby, or get your kids painting. Daunted by having to paint hundreds of miniatures? Then don’t! Use these superbly sculpted miniatures unpainted, or give them a quick dip or wash just to bring out some detail. While I very slowly paint through my prior Bones rewards, my kids have enjoyed many hours of playing with the unpainted versions.

With 23 days to go and already over one million in pledges, we’re sure to see many great miniatures added as rewards to the Bones 4 Kickstarter. I’m excited to see what they cook up to entice as the campaign continues. Last time we saw a bunch of dragons, including an enormous five headed not-Tiamat dragon. How can they top that?

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6 thoughts on “Kickstarter Tabletop Alert! Buy Yourself an Army With Reaper Miniatures Bones 4

  1. Suggesting that you can play with these unpainted is like suggesting that the best pasta is uncooked, straight from the box. You’re dead to me, Hiller.

    1. Well, Hiller does recommend that you can give them a quick dip or wash, so he admits that rinsing off your pasta before eating it is also acceptable. Maybe with a little bit of Parmesan cheese on it. 😀

    2. I played ‘Star Wars: Imperial Assault’ a couple weeks ago… all the minis were unpainted gray. Take that Karcz.

      … and to be fair, I didn’t say they were BEST uncooked… a little crunchy, but edible.

    1. Folks… while I too recommend painting (even dip/wash) as it’s fun and the figures look way cooler, don’t feel bad if you use your miniatures, especially in your board games, unpainted. The most important thing is to play the game! Don’t let unpainted minis hold you back!

      Now, I’ve got some rocks to go lick.

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