Geek Daily Deals for August 2, 2017: 500 Sheets of Origami Paper; Secret Savings on LED Desk Laps

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Geek Daily Deals origami paper LED desk lamps


Geek Daily Deals:

500 Sheets of Origami Paper:

Back in high school, I was the vice president of the origami club. Yep, talk about a geek club if there ever was one (you know, aside from the computer club, the chess club, the debate club, and so on, and so on). It was more a way to have a formal reason to hang out with some buddies and be able to put something on our college applications that doing any real intense origami, but there were plenty of pretty cranes and other animals folded as we chatted. As crafts go, origami lends itself to the geek mindset because so much of it is tied up in an artistic use of geometry and engineering, playing with angles and using compound folds to create structure and shape. Which it why it’s a great, quirky thing to do with your kids, or just learn yourself so you can populate your desk with colorful creatures. In pursuit of this, one of todays great geeky deals is 500 sheets of 6″ square origami paper in 20 different colors. It even includes info on downloading instructions for 100 different projects, too. And it’s all on sale today for just $$13!

LED Desk Lamps from Aukey:

With back-to-school season upon us, there’s a lot of thought going into setting up, or refurbishing, our workspaces. And one of the most important things for a workspace is your lighting. Our friends at Aukey recognize this, and are putting their selection of cool LED desk and clip-on lamps on special sale, giving us secret codes that will bring the prices down ever further than their everyday excellent Amazon Prices. Check out these awesome lamps and use the codes to save money:

AUKEY Desk Lamp with Touch-Sensitive Control Button and Three Brightness Levels $19 w/code AUKLAMP4.

AUKEY 12W Dimmable Table Lamp with USB Charging Port and Touch-sensitive Control $26 w/code AUKLAP4.

AUKEY Rechargeable Desk Lamp with Dimmable RGB Base Light and Touch Panel $12 w/code AUKLAMP5.

AUKEY LED Clip-on USB Table Lamp with Flexible Neck $12 w/code AUKLAMP5.


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