‘Cthulhu Wars’: Stretch Goals

Cthulhu Wars: Onslaught 3 continues to smash through the stretch goals. As of this writing there are three known goals and three unknown goals left. It seems likely we’ll see at least a few of these met before the Kickstarter ends tonight, but I’d bet the campaign ends short of meeting them all. Even without the last of the goals, the rewards for Yothan level ($199) will be more than a bargain. 134+ figures, an entirely new faction, a new map, and a number of neutral additions to the game that will further ensure no two plays end up the same. I’m down for the Yothan level, and will probably pick up a couple of the add-ons.

If you’re new to Cthulhu wars, this campaign also gives you the ability to pick up the core game and one expansion faction. Higher pledge levels are perfect for the hard-core fan who has the core game, or need it all. If money were no object I’d spring for the Hound of Tindalos level at $599. The hound gets all expansions and a 6-8 player map and a total of 9 factions to pick from. For the budget minded, the Wamp level at $149 includes all four new expansions plus the ability to pick add-ons.

My favorite stretch goal so far is the set of unique acolytes for the existing factions, then as a tongue in cheek nod to equality, a set of generic acolytes for the Tcho-Tcho and The Ancients factions. I’d prefer to play with unique acolytes for each faction, but the option exists to continue with the uniform generic acolytes if that is your preference.

The campaign ends tonight with a planned delivery of June 2018. Much of the art and sculptures are “China-Ready” and as soon as the Kickstarter is funded tooling can begin. They expect to complete mass production before the Chinese New Year with assembly and shipping to follow the holiday. The Petersens are very familiar with manufacturing in China and I have confidence they will deliver this campaign in a timely manner.

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