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10 Amazing New Kickstarter Projects This Week

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Check out these awesome new Kickstarter Projects:

new kickstarter projects

Specdrums: Music at Your Fingertips
“Rings that turn color into sound.” Just watch the video.

HEXA: Programmable, Highly Maneuverable Robot
A wicked little crab-bot with some impressive moves.

MESA | The Ultimate Portable Light
Smartly designed non-blinding light for camping and such.

Audiolux One: Smart LED system for sound-reactive visuals
A deaf musician creates a way to see sound.

Luna Display
A hardware-based approach to using an iPad as a second display for a Mac.

DribbleUp Smart Soccer Ball
With an AR app for training drills.

Turtle Rover – World’s First Earth Rover
This Project of Earth is now live and seeking terrestrial explorers.

Aurora | Powerful Audio designed for stylish interiors
Alexa-ready Bluetooth speakers that network with one another.

Cross Guitar – World’s 1st Innovative crossing guitar
How compact can a guitar get? Pretty compact, it seems.

Change Is Good – The Collector’s First Edition
Louis Rossetto of Wired fame and a designer friend try “post-digital printing.”

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