Watch Dakota Fanning Fight a ‘Zygote’ in Neill Blomkamp’s Latest Short


Director Neill Blomkamp has released the next original short film he’s directed through his Oats Studios project; Zygote. Following the release of his visually stunning Rakka, Zygote is further proof that Blomkamp excels at short-form storytelling.

Zygote stars Dakota Fanning and pits her against an incredibly complex and terrifying man-made mutant made of men. It’s a truly thrilling short with some really intriguing world-building at its core. And the creature, well, lets just say that between this and Rakka, Oats Studios is running head-to-head with the big special effects juggernauts of the world, ILM and Weta Workshop, as one of this generations greatest VFX houses.

You can watch Zygote for free online, but I recommend you take it a step further and support Oats Studios by downloading their unique DLC and content on STEAM.

Check out Zygote in its entirety below, and be warned that the video is for mature audiences only and contains language and graphic violence:

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