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sitm monthly

I’m in a particularly peculiar predicament in that I am pretty much over the whole “monthly mystery box” thing, but I positively adore clothes. Plus, getting mail–mail that’s not, y’know bills at least–still evokes some sort of residual Pavlovian response from a childhood spent anxiously awaiting Kenner mail-away offer fulfillments.

But I digress.

My solution to this quandary is to try and be selective; I may entertain the occasional box-a-month submission, but only from clothiers I already like and trust. I have enough pop culture detritus cluttering up my life without allowing it to invade the sanctity of my closet.

All this is to say, I dig Sock It to Me, and when they approached me about their new service, Sock It to Me Monthly, I was game to give it a go. Said service, unsurprisingly, promises to deliver two fresh pairs of specialty socks to you or a loved one monthly for… well, as long as you like. The pricing works on a sliding scale, so the longer you commit, the better deal you reap.

sitm monthly rates

Presently, the monthly cut-off for new subscriptions is the 9th (as shipping starts the 10th of each month), and shipping is available across all our 50 US states–sorry international sock fans. The entire subscription fee is paid up front, which means there’s no auto-renewal to worry about. Best of all, starting this October, every sock included is an exclusive Sock It to Me Monthly design.

SITM was nice enough to send me an early sample box that, while not exactly the final product, is indicative of the kind of wonderful wackiness their subscription service is sure to deliver. Let’s take a look:

I ended up with two pairs of nerdy, nautical new sock designs as well as some collectible stickers, all delivered within a single charming box… er, bag. Clearly, the boxes themselves weren’t quite ready for primetime when my sample shipped.

Still, like everything Sock It to Me does, it’s a unique take on the well-worn monthly box service, and it’s one that’s sure to please the clothes horse or footwear aficionado in your life.

Review and promotional materials provided by: Sock It to Me

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