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10 Amazing New Kickstarter Projects This Week

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Check out these awesome new Kickstarter Projects:

new kickstarter projects

Spinbox – A DIY Portable Turntable Kit

Spin and scratch in the park with this cardboard-mounted DJ system.


Swidget Outlet: The Smart Home Device for All Platforms

Cool modular approach to upgrading standard electrical outlets.


Algobrix | The Ultimate Coding Learning Game

An elaborate coding language embedded in LEGO-like bricks.


ORII – Your Voice Powered Smart Ring

Touch your ear, talk through your finger, because why not.


mPIANO – Open Up a New Dimension of Music

The grand piano of MIDI keyboards, with touch-sensitive key surfaces.


Raspberry Shake 4D- Detect earthquakes & “invisible” motion!

Nowadays everyone should have a personal seismograph.


Reissue of Humanscale

Bringing back a classic and beautiful reference for industrial designers.


Restore Historic Mission Control

Space Center Houston has already found a ton of support for this worthy project.


RetroBall: Build-It-Yourself Pixel Fun For Up to Four Players

If you know how to solder, you’ll eventually get to play Pong.


SINCE 1984 – Modular Furniture System

Shelves, tables, etc. inspired by Tetris.

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