Geek Daily Deals for July 29, 2017: Air Fryer for Healthy Cooking; RC Stunt Tank for $30

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Geek Daily Deals 072917 air fryer robot tank

Geek Daily Deals:

Cozyna Air Fryer:

Air fryers are not magic, but they are a nifty innovation that marries two cooking methods we already knew well into a new appliance that produces tasty food that’s close to what you get with deep fat frying, but using a lot less fat. Instead of dunking food into a liquid bath of hot oil, air fryers get you to lightly coat the foods with oil, and then uses convection to bring that oil up to cooking temp. The result are fries and other foods that have taste and texture very close to traditional frying. And of course, here in America, we all believe that less fat = healthier (which is a whole other discussion). All that being said, here’s your kitchen cooking daily deal: it’s a nice little air fryer unit that will fry, grill, and broil with very little oil needed, and deliver tasty foods. This one gets very good reviews, and today is priced less that all it’s competitor at just $100!

7Tech RC Tank Stunt Car:

Here’s an Amazon-Exclusive RC car that’s going to give your kids (ahem, and you) hours of fun, on-road and off:

  • Compact and light weight design, Cool styling. High quality and durable in performance

  • Ready-to-go forwards and backwards, turn left and right , 360°flip, double sided running, Bright and Colorful LED Lights,Sounds(Can not be turned off), Dazzling Action Tricks

  • Strong power and Rechargeble battery gives you endless enjoyments

  • Long distace about 15 meters remote control and flexible movement

  • Backed by an exceptional customer service team and comes standard with the 7TECH Brand Guarantee and ONE YEAR premium warranty. 

And it’s on sale today for just $30!

On sale for the next half hour for just $14!


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