Geek Daily Deals for July 27, 2017: Leather-Bound Journals for $12-$28; Rechargeable AA Batteries for XBox

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Geek Daily Deals 072717 leather bound journals rechargeable AA batteries


Geek Daily Deals:

Leather-Bound Journals From Rustic Town:

Sure, we’re geeks and we love technology, but somethings writing things down by hand just seems more organic; seems like it just means more. So, how much even more meaningful is it if where you write things down is a gorgeous leather-bound notebook? Perhaps with a map impressed into the covering? Or with an awesome leather thong to bundle it closed? This selection of leather-bound notebooks (the pages are mostly unlined and blank) from Rustic Town are gorgeous old-school repositories for your most important thoughts, feelings, chicken scratches, dungeon designs, or plots to take over the world. There are blank ones, blank ones with cool closers, ones with maps, international city names, and one with a very neat celtic cross design. And most of them run between $12 and $28. Check out the deals!

Rechargeable AA Batteries for XBox from Smatree:

Keep your XBox controllers running through every battle with these rechargeable AA battery packs:

  • High Capacity (2000mAH), Running Time Longer Than OEM Battery.

  • Dual-Channel Charger Charges 2 Batteries to 100% in about 6-7 hours WITHOUT interruption (DC Input >5V/1A).

  • Over-voltage protection: When the battery reaches the assigned voltage (The voltage when the battery is fully charged), charger’s indicator light will turn green and stop charging.

  • Overcharging time protection: The charger comes with timer, and could calculate charging time automatically to make sure charging time within 7 hours. When charging time exceeds 7 hours, charger’s indicator light will turn green (stop charging) to protect batteries from overcharge. ( If the charge is interrupted, the charging time will be re-calculated ).

  • With Over Charge Protection and Over Heat Protection. Charge the Batteries Overnight with safety

On sale today for just $20.


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