SpinTales augmented reality story-telling bed-cover.

Kids’ Bedrooms Get Augmented Reality – SpinTales

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SpinTales augmented reality story-telling bed-cover.
SpinTales augmented reality story-telling bed-cover.
Image Credit: TILT Textiles

Augmented reality (AR) is being used for storytelling everywhere, from big-budget experiences tied to the latest blockbuster movie releases to quick social media videos that virtually add funny glasses. AR is used to engage kids minds and bodies with SpinTales products from TILT Textiles by using the free application for mobile devices (available for both iOS and Android) to bring the designs to interactive life.

The SpinTales Enchanted Duvet is part of a beautifully illustrated bedding set (a twin-size duvet cover and a standard pillow sham) that features an intricate landscape of fairytale enchantment. The magic happens when using the free application to bring the bedding to life with three interactive stories: “Little Red Riding Hood,” “Three Little Pigs,” and “Jack and the Beanstalk.” The familiar tales engage kids by allowing them to read, touch, and play instead of just presenting the classic stories.

The same AR app brings three different stories to life on the SpinTales Jungle Rug (4 x 6 ft) with the adventures of three jungle friends: Milo (a boy who lives in the jungle), the sleepy bear named Huggy, and Stickers the glasses-wearing gecko. Exploring different parts of the jungle reveals new parts of the adventure so kids return to the stories to discover more. The rug also features interactive activities (including yoga with a frog!) that encourage kids to participate actively and keep them entertained.

Both the duvet and the rug are available now at the TILT Textiles website (tilttextiles.com) or on Amazon.

Bedtime with the kids has never been this kind of interactive before.

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