Procrastination Destination: Armchair Travelin’

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Take a break; it’s good for you! I’d say “take a vacation,” which is even better for you, but that’s not always an option. So instead, for this month’s Procrastination Destination, let’s find some fun, funny, and incredible escapes we can all take during our busy days. First, let’s start with a song about vacations. (Warning: not for young kids.)

Now let’s go on a geeky dream vacay together. First, we’ll make a quick stop in New Jersey at the Silverball Museum arcade, just to get in a good mood. Then we’ll fly across the world to spend the night in the Shire, and maybe take a tour the next morning. Coming back to the States, let’s take a day or two in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and finally relax for a week on the Star Trek: The Cruise.

Wanna quick read about funny vacation stories? Here is a list of memorable ones from around the world. I especially love #7: The pilot who forgot to “remove cat before takeoff.” Ha!

How about taking a short vacation via books? A chapter over lunch is the perfect getaway, especially if the books are hilarious. The top one on this list is The Sex Lives of Cannibals: Adrift in the Equatorial Pacific by J. Maarten Troost, a favorite author of mine. I highly recommend this book to open your eyes to another culture (when the fish just disappeared?) while snorting in laughter (sticks for toilet paper?!!!).

Meditation can bring you peace of mind, stillness, calm, etc, etc, but did you know you can travel through the vastness of your imagination? There are all sorts of guided meditations that take you to exotic locales or visit the Elves or go on a Magic Book adventure. Explore the infinite realms in your mind!

And finally, go vicariously on vacation with vloggers. “This is my (Yuan) first time abroad and I’m going alone to South Korea.” A sweet and talented young woman taking an adventure, and she decided to vlog about it. Now she’s off on another trip with her brother to Europe and bringing us along the way.

  Hope you enjoyed these armchair travels!

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