My PaizoCon Annual Tradition

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Memorial day weekend marked the tenth PaizoCon, but it also marked the first anniversary of what I’ve made a tradition-painting a Reaper mini for my daughter on her birthday.

I’ll Never Forget PaizoCon 2016

You may recall that I was at last year’s PaizoCon, painting a Reaper mini at their paint ‘n’ take when we got the call that we’d been chosen to be our daughter’s adoptive family. So this year, I made sure that my first stop on Friday morning was to the Reaper table to paint another mini for her.

Unpainted Reaper mini. Photo by Will James.

I took a quick look at the choices and there was an obvious mini–a small but mighty warrior astride a bear. I knew the color scheme I wanted for her armor, but a quick discussion with my wife and she came up with the idea to paint the bear like our dog, Pepper Potts.

Hazel and Pepper painted mini. Photo by Will James.

I’m really happy with the way the mini turned out. Of course, as soon as I got home, my son asked where his was. Luckily, my Reaper Bones are en route, and I told him I’d paint him one once they arrive.

Paizo swag! Photo by Will James.

In addition to the mini painting, as always, the attendee swag bag was awesome–a book, one of the new map packs (which my son and I will definitely use), a class deck for the Pathfinder Adventure Card Game (which, unfortunately, was one I already had but fellow GeekDad and PaizoCon attendee Ryan got the Sorcerer Deck and gave me his), two booster boxes of minis, and one special mini (it’s a skeleton warrior with a translucent flaming head!).

Kobold Adventure Card Game. Photo by Will James.

Unfortunately due to last-minute work schedules, babysitter issues, and lack of winning lottery events, other than walking around and checking stuff out, the only other event I got to sit down and do was the third in a series of three custom Adventure Card Game adventures–Kobolds Special: True Dragons of Absalom. I was really hoping to get to play the whole series, but just playing the third set of adventures as a blast. Not only did we get to play with some very cool community created cards and scenarios, we even got official cards for the character we played. In my case, I had chosen Varanog, a male kobold sorcerer. We had a full table and the addition of the trap mechanic was really fun and made things interesting as well. I’d love to play more of the kobold adventures! Although we almost lost a few times, we managed to get through all four adventures.

All in all, I squeezed every ounce of fun out of the time I was at PaizoCon, and I’m definitely going back again next year to paint another mini and hopefully get in more Adventure Card Society play, and maybe even dip my toes into Starfinder which on top of just being a really cool idea has me feeling nostalgic for my days playing Spelljammer. If you enjoy Pathfinder or just great gaming with a lot of passionate gamers, you should definitely try to make your way to PaizoCon.

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