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Everything’s Shiny With the New TrackR Pixel

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pixel specs

I first began using the TrackR system shortly after the release of the bravo, specifically because I discovered that TrackR was supported by my beloved Amazon Echo. Since that time, I’ve continued to use my TrackR tags regularly—including the one built into my Keyport—to locate my phone and vice versa.

Last week, I was offered a sneak peak at TrackR’s latest product innovation, the TrackR pixel. These new device tags offer all the same great features as the previous models like the onboard ringer that lets you find your missing device when within its 100-foot Bluetooth radius using the smartphone app, the integrated phone finder button that alternately lets you use the tag to find your phone, a crowd locate feature that can map the location of your TrackR-enabled items based on other users within its range, and, of course, that great Alexa support.

pixel vs bravo

It does all this in a package that is smaller, brighter, and—if you can believe it—more fun. At roughly the size of an American quarter, the TrackR pixel is a diminutive, candy-colored fob that only really stands out when activated, at which point its alarm sound is accompanied by a pulsating LED light show. (Think of it like a portable disco for all your missing stuff!)

Suffice it to say, this is a particular boon for those of us who have been known to drop their belongings in dark parking lots or other dimly lit locales.

The pixel is also powered by a standard coin cell. That means, once it runs out of juice, you simply replace the dead battery with another easily acquired CR2016—giving the tag a longer life and much more flexibility.

Added a TrackR pixel to my work bag.

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Available now in packs of one to 12, ranging from $24.99 for the singles to $149.99 for the full dozen (which is basically like getting six free), the pixel can be purchased via the TrackR web store—just in time for vacation, convention, and hey-which-one-of-those-black-suitcases-is-mine season.

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  1. Have you been able to actually OPEN one of these TrackR Pixels? Apparently if you don’t pair them successfully or correctly the first time you hear the multi-tone, you only get two tones next time and have to reset them by removing the battery (per TrackR tech support). I’ve watched the video a half dozen times and tried it myself until my palms are red and sore, and was never able to open one. Which means when the batteries die on the ones I did successfully pair, I’ll be no better off than with a Tile.

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