Daily Deals 062217

4K Sports Cam for $60 (With Coupon Code); Get ‘Space Flux’ Card Game for $11 – Daily Deals!

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 062317

Want to have some fun with a sports camp recording the action with your family this summer, but don’t want to GO pay as much as those PRO cameras cost? Get this 4k Ultra HD waterproof action camera from Aukey that uses its own local wifi radio to connect with your phone. It costs just $70 regularly, but we have a special coupon code (AUKEYAC2) that makes it $60 today until the 26th!

The Flux series of card games are Mensa award-winning and great for hours of hilarious fun. The basic idea is that the rules of the game can change with every card that’s played – hence “Flux.” In Space Flux, they’ve taken every trope and pun from the all your favorite science fiction shows and movies and tossed them into the mix. It’s the perfect portable box of fun, and you can get a copy for your game chest today for just $11!


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