Daily Deals 060517

Get a Great Electric Toothbrush for Cheap; or Superhero Capes for Girls and Boys – Daily Deals!

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 060517

We here at GeekDad and GeekMom do not in any way condone the idea of getting dad an electric toothbrush for Father’s Day. That would just be way too practical. However, if one was to purchase new electric toothbrushes for dad(s), mom(s), kids, whomever, simply out of a feeling of love and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle, then we could support that with a very white smile. Today, you can save big on thisĀ Oral-B Genius Pro 8000 Electronic Power Rechargeable Battery Electric Toothbrush with Bluetooth Connectivity. Yeah, it’s a toothbrush that will talk to your phone. Join the future, and pick one up today for just $120!

We featured these capes not too long ago, but considering how awesome Wonder Woman was this weekend, and since the deal was back, we figured we should bring it up again. Get these great packs of superhero capes and masks for fun play for girls and boys for as low as $14 for 4 capes! There are sets with female heroes, including Wonder Woman, and sets with male heroes. Check them out!


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