10 Things About Sega Forever – Free Classic Games on Mobile

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Sega Forever Logo – All rights reserved by Sega Forever
  1. The apps are free but for a small fee, you can get an ad-free experience. As with most “free” apps, there are in-game purchases.
  2. Not all games will be available immediately in every country. The website has links to iTunes and Google Play so you can see if the games you want are available. The website indicates they are working to get all games available in all regions so check back often.
  3. Current games are:
    1. Sonic The Hedgehog
    2. Altered Beast
    3. Phantasy Star II
    4. Kid Chameleon
    5. Comix Zone
  4. They plan to release a new game each month.
  5. Games will cross all Sega consoles including titles from Dreamcast.
  6. Offline play and game progress saving are listed as features in the details. I love offline play options for when I am not around wifi and don’t want to eat through data.
  7. Bluetooth controllers will be supported.
  8. In the “coming soon” section they have what looks like the ATP Tour Championship Tennis game for Sega Genesis but they just have a picture of a dude playing tennis, so I’m not sure it is that particular tennis game.
  9. They’re looking for requests/suggestions for new titles on Facebook.
  10. All of the current titles above are projected to be available by Thursday, June 22nd, 2017.

Want to see for yourself? They have a super silly video trailer out for your viewing enjoyment.

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