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We Are Entertained: ‘The Circle’

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Take a journey this week with us to the campus of The Circle. The boys have really been looking forward to this one; Tom Hanks as FaceboGooglApple founder Steve ZuckerPage and Emma Watson as a too-smart customer experience drone with an overachievement complex seems like a surefire hit. Add a gorgeous Scottish accent and what’s not to love? Tune in and find out.

We kick off this week with a recap of some pretty amazing conferences that our illustrious co-hosts recently attended. Matt had a life-changing experience or two at the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas and Chris got his NASA on at the Astrobiology Science Conference in Mesa, Arizona. These guys don’t fool around when it comes to partying!

Chris is wowed this week by the animated film Your Name. Despite being the highest grossing Japanese animated film ever this was one that completely slipped through our radar. The conversation turns toward the process of creating a feature-length animated film, the appeal of Japanese animation, and the art of the subtitle. Check this one out and let us know why you think it has done so well!

Matt returns to an old favorite and discusses Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. It’s different this time, he promises! Seriously, this conversation focuses on the way networks are trying to compete with Netflix and other streaming services and how they’re adjusting to a generation of viewers whose viewing habits are changing dramatically. Also, comic book heroes!

Finally, the conversation circles around (see what I did there?) to our feature of the week. As I mentioned earlier, anticipation was high for The Circle for obvious reasons. As the kids would say, Because Reasons! Things don’t go so well, however, and as the show progresses we get to the question that everyone is sure to be asking themselves after they see this one, “What does author Dave Eggers have on Tom Hanks?” Did you see this movie? The Box Office makes me think you didn’t but if you did, let us know what you thought!

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Next week we are most definitely Groot, be sure to tune in as we discuss our reaction to Guardians of the Galaxy, Volume 2!

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