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Welcome to the Playmobil Playroom, where we take a monthly peek inside those impressive blue boxes and see what treasures await within. Sometimes we’ll have step-by-step photos walking you through assembly, maybe we’ll discuss and review a particular set or theme, or maybe we’ll have an unboxing video.

Here we are, nearing the end of the school year and on the cusp of summer. So it seems kind of fitting that we bust out an ice cream truck. Even if it is tiny and molded in plastic. It’ll do.

The Playmobil Ice Cream Truck is part of the City Life line, which includes a wide variety of sets that can all inhabit the same world. In other words, you might not want the ice cream truck to visit your medieval castle or float alongside a pirate ship. But, hey, I’m not going to tell anyone how to play.


  • Product Number: 9114
  • Number of Pieces: 64
  • Number of figures: 1 adult (male), 2 kids (2 male)

Ease of Build:
On a scale of 1-5, this one probably comes in at about a 2. It’s pretty easy to assemble, and the truck basically comes out of the box as one piece. You just need to apply some stickers and snap the wheels and doors into place. Other than that, most of the set’s pieces are tiny accessories and ice cream paraphernalia.

Coolest Features:

  • The truck, obviously. There are several nooks and crannies to store the ice cream stuff, and the side door that flips up makes it feel like the real deal. (Plus, imaginative kids can take the ice cream sign off the roof, and – presto! – they’ve got a hip food truck!)
  • Ice cream toys! Scoops, cones, and a blender make the teeny accessories tons of fun.
  • The ice cream man is equal parts cheeseball and hip, with his flipped collar, bow tie, and paper hat. You can try, but you’ll never be as cool as Playmobil Ice Cream man.


It’s fun, and if you have other Playmobil (or similarly sized) toys, then it’s a great addition to a city or world that kids build. I mean, who wouldn’t want an ice cream truck making the rounds? By itself, though, it can get fairly stale. There’s only so much you can do with three people and an ice cream truck.

Kid Verdict:

Two thumbs up! Admittedly, my kids are suckers for the small, unique pieces that come with these sets, and they were sold on the ice cream scoops, ice cream cones, and blender. Our only real complaint is that all three of the people are male. How hard would it have been to make one of the kids a girl?

(Disclosure: This Playmobil set was provided free of charge for review purposes. All opinions remain our own.)

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