The Dynamic Duo Reviews K’Nex ‘Might Makers Inventor’s Clubhouse’

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c. S.W. Sondheimer

The Dynamic Duo is now completely hooked on making video reviews, especially the girl child. I may very well have created a monster, but at least she’s a cute one. In this installment, they have thoughts about the K’Nex Might Makers Inventor’s Clubhouse.

I had K’Nex when I was a kid, as did my husband, and we loved them. Like LEGO and other resurgent or surviving toys from days of yore, however, K’Nex have come a long way in terms of theme, color variation, and the complexity of various sets. I’m pretty sure I got a plastic container full of random pieces and was told to go to town. Which is what my kids initially did after tearing open the box so kindly sent to us by GeekDad Mordechai Luchins.

The Mighty Makers line is designed to entice girls to the maker life (part of a larger STEAM collection) and the set includes some engineering, enterprising female figurines who are really cute and both she and my son have been enjoying (just as they both love the DC Superhero Girls line). In my mind, being a proponent of equal opportunity feminism, that’s indicative of the very best sort of design. And while my daughter doesn’t need pink and purple to convince her to build, they are her favorite colors at the moment so bonus. Both kids are also learning about plants and “helping Mother Earth” at their respective schools so the garden accompanying the Inventor’s Clubhouse was a huge selling point.

But you’re not here for me. I’m not nearly as cute as the Dynamic Duo.

Take it away, guys:

c. S.W. Sondheimer
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