FCBD 2018 Bad Machinery

Free Comic Book Day 2017: Wishlist

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FCBD 2018 Bad Machinery
FCBD 2017 – Bad Machinery

Free Comic Book Day is THIS SATURDAY (May 6, 2017) and EG Dad still hasn’t finalized his wishlist!! With so many to choose from, it is wise to prepare for the onslaught of awesome at your local comic book store. Let me help you out with some suggestions.

Now before we start on the long list of offerings, I’m laying down two very important pointers:

First: Most comic book stores offer a selection from the FCBD. Remember, they are paying for the comics but giving them to you for free as part of the FCBD celebrations. If you are lucky enough to score a complete set, then to the victor go the bragging rights. Most stores will have a limit; respect the limit. The huge popularity of FCBD comes from sharing the loot around to as many fans and converts as possible

Second: Not all comics are kid/spawnling-friendly! I repeat: not all comics are kid/spawnling-friendly!! There are plenty of issues aimed for kids and teens, but there are also some aimed squarely at the mature audience. And while the organizers will give the most accurate rating possible, it is still your responsibility as a parent to check the comic first. Trust me on this one. I’ve been there; right there in the awkward conversation with a 5-year-old about grossly depicted graphics of a cybernetic Justice League. #lessonlearnt

We are usually limited to two comics per person at our local because the place is so damn popular!! So my recommendations this year are as follows:

EG Mum:

I’m loving some old school sci-fi comics with The Incal, especially with the huge treat of 30 pages to read. I am also intrigued with Malika: Warrior Queen. The background of 15th century Africa and the main character being a Queen and military commander sound ever so enticing.

Malika: Warrior Queen comic cover


EG Dad:

He hasn’t even looked at the list yet, and usually asks me for my opinion anyway. 😉 We make such a great pair. In saying that, I think he will like Red 5 Comics/Bryan Singer’s take on Keyser Soze. And of course, there is Rick and Morty. You’ll understand on the day.

FCBD 2017 Keyser Soze Cover

Sinister (10-year-old):

Sinister’s first choice this year is Legend of Zelda, mostly due to the popularity of the game, Breath of the Wild. His second choice is much harder, but it looks like Catalyst Prime will win out over the commonly known Guardians of the Galaxy or Doctor Who. Aimed at teens, Catalyst Prime is a sci-fi story looking at a very high-risk space mission to save the world from the big bad asteroid. It includes some pretty deep thinking ethical issues and plenty of social issues in just the right balance of “this should be normal so I’m not going to make a big deal about it.” It’s a starter comic to a bigger series, written by Christopher Priest (Black Panther, newly Eisner-Nominated Deathstroke) and Joseph Phillip Illidge (Solarman). Both of these guys have some pretty impressive word-wizardry so I’m going to steal this once Sinister is done.

FCBD 2017 Catalyst Prime                                    

Nefarious (8-year-old):

I know straight away, Nefarious will be all over Bad Machinery and devour it within minutes of hitting his hands. It’s an ‘All Ages’ comic, with delightfully simple art and school-kid characters you can easily associate with…and the most excellent science mystery you could ask for.  Equally as impressive is Time Shifters. Also aimed at ‘All Ages’, Time Shifters has a sassy ghost, a robot Abraham Lincoln riding a friendly dinosaur, a scientist (bordering on mad but aren’t we all?), and of course the kid who just happens to find them all in his backyard.  The common theme here is science and space/time continuums, for the spawnling who wants to build his own TARDIS.

FCBD 2017 Time Shifters

Zaltu (3-year-old):

This has to be the easiest selection of them all. DC Super Hero Girls Summer Olympus Preview and Wonder Woman 2017 Special Edition. While I will be checking the appropriateness of WW2017 before handing it over to Zaltu, I’m pretty confident the artist, Nicola Scott, will be keeping it under control for FCBD. Added bonus will be Zaltu asking Nicola to sign her comic on the day—bonus for attending FCBD at Kings Comics, Sydney (Australia).


The list of offerings for FCBD 2017 is long and high quality; you can check it out yourself on their website. After talking to a few minions, I’m also keeping an eye out for I Hate Image, Fresh Off The Boat, and The Looking Glass Wars: Crossfire. Of course, there will always be a difference of opinion. What’s your wishlist for FCBD 2017?

Sidenote: GeekMom has some pretty awesome FCBD coverage planned for tomorrow. (Yes, it will be Saturday in Australia.) Starting with photos and Facebook Live feed from Sydney, Australia, we plan on sharing as much FCBD with you as possible. Join in the fun and share your pics through social media with the tag: #GeekMomFCBD

We’ll share the best pics in our FCBD review next week!

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5 thoughts on “Free Comic Book Day 2017: Wishlist

  1. Looking forward to getting a head start on FCBD in Australia too. Just a suggestion for Zaltu. Luke Pearson’s Hilda. We have a few Hilda books and I’d totally recommend them for a 3-10 year old age range. We were shocked to see in the synopsis that Hilda has turned into a troll, so we obviously missed an episode or two and we have some catching up to do! Other than that I was pretty much aiming for the same as you. Have fun! Looking forward to your reporting on the day to see how it all goes down in Sydney.

    1. Thanks Jen – hadn’t even considered Hilda, so that is now on my radar. Zaltu will love the idea of a troll, so we’re on a winner already. Don’t forget to share your pics!


    1. There’s also Forbidden Planet on Broadway between 12th and 13th. Midtown Comics is by Port Authority.

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