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Momentum is building toward the season finales of Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow. Rhea has (finally) shown us how the Cadmus and Daxamite royalty story threads are going to be woven together into the season-finale conflict on Supergirl. The only proven plan to stopping Savitar has come together on The Flash. The chess game continues in the present day on Arrow, and while we know where the flashbacks are taking us, they still manage to hold a few surprises. We discussed the episodes throughout the week on the GeekDad Facebook page. Here are a few of those conversations.

‘Supergirl’ episode 2.20, “City of Lost Children”

Joey: Last week with the pizza. Today with the ice cream cone. Does Mon-El do anything on this show besides eating junk food?

Lisa H: He's pretty to look at...That's all I got.

Lisa H: And he brings Chinese food! We can keep him.

Joey: Mon-El has a Daxamite tapeworm.

Joey: Hey, Jimmy/James is back!

Lisa H: Blech.

Lisa H: Stupid Jimmy! You don't take your mask off! Superhero 101. You do not take your mask off!

Joey: Oh, Jimmy/James is gonna go pout. Have I mentioned how much I dislike this version of Jimmy Olsen?

Lisa H: I'm so over him.

Lisa H: Even his mopey looks are annoying. Why is he so annoying?

Joey: Does this mean Jimmy/James is going to give up the Guardian schtick?

Lisa H: I vote yes.

Lisa H: Also what the hell is up with the Batman voice??

Joey: Was that a Batman reference (on the show)? Clark's friend in the mask that scares people, even though he's a hero?

Lisa H: Why yes I believe it was indeed a Batman reference.

Joey: That must be why the Guardian speaks in growls... to make that connection for us. Now, he'll be much more chipper when he tells people to, "Get down!"

Joey: So, is this the endgame for this season? Repel the Daxamite invasion (or welcome them as immigrants)?

Lisa H: I don't think they know yet.

Lisa H: But Mom-El will not be ignored!

Lisa H: Yep. Daximite invasion. Bored now.

‘The Flash’ episode 3.21, “Cause and Effect”

Daniel T Monk Pelfrey: This week on The Flash: Barry gets to do what viewers have been longing for all season – forgetting all about it. Of course not even that goes as planned.

Joey: THAT would have set up a great episode. The forgeterizer (?) backfires and the whole team forgets this entire season, including Savitar/Barry. With three episodes left, they do a mini-arc involving, I don't know, Snart and the Rogues, that sets up a much better season four. And we all say, "thank you".

Joey: If Barry can’t retain new memories, making it so that Savitar can’t remember whatever plan they come up with, then how is Barry going to remember the plan?

Corrina: Because it makes no sense. ::handwave time stuff:: Part of the reason this show frustrates me so much.

Lisa H: So we're turning Barry into 10 second Tom?

Joey: There’s the Legends message reference. Now, we need to see the Legends interact with Savitar/Barry, so they can not trust him.

Lisa H: But! They referenced it! So maybe... maybe...They know where they want to go?!? Maybe?

Joey: That, I think, sums up the underlying problem with this version of The Flash. Barry Allen isn’t supposed to be all darkness and turmoil. He’s supposed to be hope.

Lisa H: Yes! He's the comic relief. The lighter and fun Superhero. Let's leave them brooding to Ollie. Kay?

Joey: Wait… King Shark has an energy source more powerful than the sun? And Barry & Snart are going to steal it? I’m not saying that next week’s episode won’t be stupid, mindless fun, but that feels more like a mid-season filler episode, not the penultimate episode of the season.

Lisa H: Umm...Wasn't King Shark being held by ARGUS the last time we saw him??

‘Arrow’ episode 5.21, “Honor Thy Fathers”

Joey: Does Lance ever come with good news?

Lisa H: No. Because then he'd have to have a different expression on his face. He's only capable of one.

Lisa H: I don’t know about you guys but it looks like Papa Queen was trying to catch the councilman.

Joey: Dude fell into a vat of wet cement. He couldn't be pulled out? He couldn't get to the surface of that really fluid (almost structurally unsound it's so wet) cement and pull himself out?

Lisa H: And Papa Queen made no attempt to get him out? I call baloney.

Joey: I'd like to see the scene that takes place in the minute following the found security footage.

"Hey, Robert, can you help me out here?"

"No, you fell into a vat of wet cement. You're dead."

"No, I think I'll be fine if you could just help me out here. I can't quite reach the side..."

"Shh... working on my cover-up."

"Maybe you could just throw me a cable or something. Robert?" <Door opens and closes.> "Robert?"

Lisa H: Do we really think that Rene should be a dad?

Joey: Going to be hard working all day and being a vigilante all night and raising a daughter.

Lisa H: Seriously! Where will he find the time?

Joey: Lots of Deathstroke reminders this episode.

Lisa H: Slade is coming back!!

Joey: Thank goodness. "Hey, kid. Remember when this show was good, back in seasons 1 and 2? Now what was the common element that has been all but missing since then...?"

Lisa H: They weren't trying to do too much. It was very straight forward. Way too much going on now.

Lisa H: Season one's "The Odyssey" is the best episode of this series. I want more of those and less of everything we've gotten since then. Just typing this makes me want to go back and watch it on Netflix and marvel at that hour of television, but I'm afraid I'll just end up saddened at the wasted potential based on everything that came after.

Joey: Kovar’s back? On Lian Yu? Whaaaa?

Only two more episodes remain this season of Supergirl, The Flash, and Arrow. How will the DEO and Cadmus work together to repel the Daxamite invasion? How did King Shark get ahold of the power source for the Speed Bazooka? Where did Prometheus’ bad-guy buddies take Rene, forcing him to miss his child custody hearing, and what do they have planned for the rest of Team Arrow? Watch with us this week, and add your comments to the discussions on the GeekDad Facebook page. Who knows, maybe your comments will be included in next week’s DC on The CW wrap up!

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