We Are Entertained: ‘Ghost in the Shell’

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This is an action packed and confusing week; one of us stumbles into a movie we weren’t expecting while the other one discovers that network television still has a few winners in its corner. The boys get into a little argument about this week’s movie, Ghost in the Shell, and discuss Shia LaBeouf’s record-breaking box office event. 

Chris was excited this week because one of his favorite movies was playing at the local indie cinema in town. Unfortunately, when the movie started he quickly realized that instead of the beloved mob movie Donnie Brasco , he was taking in a screening of Donnie Darko. Surprise! Does Chris have a new favorite Donnie movie?

Matt shocks all of us and falls in love with a sitcom on broadcast TV! After he revives Chris, they talk about the state of the sitcom and argue about the relative merits of John Lithgow, who stars in Trial and Error.

Finally, we get to Ghost in the Shell. We had a hard time with this one and could really use some input from our listeners. Between the whitewashing controversy, Matt’s eye for consistency, and our love of ScoJo, we really couldn’t reach a consensus. Have a listen and let us know what you thought of the movie and our reaction to it.

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Be sure to tune in next week and find out what we thought about Gifted!

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