‘Star Wars: Forces of Destiny’ Figures Give Us Rey, Leia, and a Whole Lot More

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Ready to show those other toys who’s really in charge (Image: Hasbro)

Hasbro finally learned their lesson. Rather than double down on the “boys don’t like girl toys” sentiment that was exposed with the “Where’s Rey?” debacle, they have made a concerted effort to include female action figures in subsequent Star Wars toy lines. They even revealed an amazing 6-inch Black Series Rey with her Jakku speeder that will be on sale later this year (more on that when I see it in person tomorrow at Star Wars Celebration in Orlando). But someone at Hasbro didn’t think it was enough, because we’re getting Star Wars: Forces of Destiny, a series of 11-inch figures based on some of the most awesome females in the Star Wars universe (and Chewbacca, who sadly looks more like an extra from The Star Wars Christmas Special). It’s even getting its own animated series this summer! Check it out:

I’m thrilled to see most of the original actors returning to reprise their roles (though I wonder who will be the new Leia? They markedly did not show her in the quick cuts at the end of the clip). And based on the clips, I’m hoping this means we’ll also be getting Ahsoka and Hera in the second wave.

But for now, we have these four characters rendered as incredibly high detailed figures. They’re very reminiscent of the DC Super Hero Girls figures in that we have strong facial features, rooted hair, and molded plastic details with cloth accessories (it would have been nice if the outfits were removable, which could have given us multiple iconic looks without having to buy the same characters again and again). Most also come with a companion (though I’m not sure if Chewie is his own figure or if he and R2 come with Leia). I appreciate that they span practically the entire timeline of Star Wars, from Rogue One to The Force Awakens.

First up is Jyn from Rogue One, who doesn’t have a companion droid because she’s a loner, Dottie.

Is it too much to hope for a mini K-2SO companion? (Image: Hasbro)

Then Sabine from Rebels, who I’m really hoping will be packaged with Chopper (fingers crossed).

Drooooooool (Image: Hasbro)

Our favorite princess, Leia. Hopefully this is one incarnation of her toy that never gets the metal bikini treatment.

If we’re kissing wookiees…maybe pick one that looks less like a shaved shar pei? (Image: Hasbro)

And our latest Jedi-in-training, the one who started us down this path, Rey, with a cute-as-a-button BB-8. Hasbro is making up for looking her over in Force Awakens merch by giving her not one, but two figures – one in her Jakku scavenger gear and another in her end of movie outfit.

There’s Rey! And there too! (Image: Hasbro)

(And, yes, I presented these in chronological movie order because, well, I’m a Star Wars geek.)

Now there will be people who turn up their noses at the line and say “Sure, Hasbro gave us a bunch of dolls. Way to close the gender gap.” To those people, I say I can’t hear you over the excited fangirling of my 9-year-old daughter who is currently running around in circles in what can only be some sort of ritual whose ultimate intent is to move time forward so that she can have the entire line in her hands now (they’re slated for release on August 1). We’ve gotten all these characters as 6-inch figures for “serious” collectors. I’m excited to see them in a more playable line (that’s still ridiculously high detail). Good on Hasbro for making this happen. I can’t wait to see the Star Wars: Forces of Destiny animated series and I really can’t wait to see the figures at the Hasbro booth at Star Wars Celebration tomorrow! Follow me on Instagram and Twitter for live coverage on Friday, 4/14 for more Star Wars goodness straight from the con.

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