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We’re still here after 10 years. That’s like 100 years on the internet! In that time we’ve produced over 30,000 pieces of content, shared awesome projects, fun reviews, and a sense of identity and support for all the geeky parents out there. If you’ve followed us for any big chunk of that time, you’ll know we’ve gone through some challenges, too. But we keep on going, doing this thing we love (at least on the evenings and weekends when our day jobs don’t get in the way).

But we could use your help, too. We’re still paying off the settlement we had to make to get our identity out from under our former corporate overlord. We have regular server costs, we pay for many of the pro-level plugins and other behind-the-scenes pieces of software we use, and we try to pay each of our core writers a little bit each month. You’ll also note that we brought our GeekMom partners into the GeekDad site a little while back to conserve resources. We’re in the midst of finally setting up a multi-site version of WordPress that will allow us to keep those efficiencies in place, while giving GeekMom their distinct brand identity again, but it takes a LOT of work with over 30,000 pieces of archived content, and all the media that goes with it.

We have ads that generate revenue, yes, but we never do pop-ups or takeovers, and we try hard to make sure there aren’t any autorun videos or other such annoying events. We have an Amazon Affiliates account, and we encourage our readers who shop on Amazon to click through our links so that we can get a little something from every purchase you make. We also run sponsored content, including a lot of Kickstarter campaigns for games and game-related items, and every time you back one of those campaigns, you’re also helping get the word out even more strongly that GeekDad and GeekMom are great places for creators to advertise their next campaigns.

Those are three of the four legs of our approach to generating the income we need to keep going. The last leg of the table is direct patronage, and it’s really the most important because it’s the most direct and dependable; it doesn’t vary based on the time of year and whims of advertisers. It’s just you, our awesome readers, and us, agreeing to work together to keep things rolling.

So, here’s the pitch: give us a dollar a month via Patreon, and we promise to keep going, to listen to you and deliver the kind of content you want. We see around 15,000 visits a day to GeekDad and GeekMom. If 10% of those people pledged $1 a month, we’d be feeling pretty safe and secure, and could even  look at reducing the number of ads we run. If more made that pledge (of if they pledged more), who knows what could happen? In exchange, we’ll be able to offer discounts for our merchandise, and interact with you directly to gauge reader interest on certain subjects, and get ideas for new areas to cover. We want to up our engagement with our core audience, and this seems like the best way to do it. So please, pledge your support, and be part of our geeky family!

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