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There are a lot of “thing of the month” subscription services out there these days, including in the realm of morning beverages. Many artisan coffee roasters are getting their goods to customers far and wide via monthly mail-order subscriptions, which is a great way to make sure you’re getting your favorite brew. But what if you or don’t know what your (or your giftee’s) favorite brew is? Or maybe you want to explore what’s available beyond the coffee aisle of your supermarket? MistoBox has an attractive solution: custom coffee curation.

Instead of being a roaster themselves, they have arrangements with a large number of roasters from all over the country, each of whom provide distinct styles and flavors based on the beans they source and they way they roast. When you open a MistoBox account, you go through a questionnaire that helps your own personal coffee curator to hone in on the right beans for you (or the person you’re gifting to), and then they get you those beans in the mail. Subscriptions run about $20 a month for enough beans to brew a cup a day.

Parisi Coffee

For example, when I logged in to the account MistoBox set up for me, I walked through the questionnaire: I like coffee that’s bold, nutty, with chocolate notes. And I mostly brew espresso (on my Breville Barista Express). The curator sized me up and suggested I try the Espresso Blend from Parisi Artisan Coffee, a Kansas City roaster, which was delivered within the week. These beans have been delivering delightful morning coffees for me for the last couple of weeks, full of nutty flavor, and working perfectly with my machine.

So, if you’re a bean-o-holic, or know someone who would be well-served by expanding their coffee horizons, maybe a MistoBox subscription would be a good idea!

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