Daily Deals 042917

Get Popsicle Molds for $12; Or $15 for 100 LED Finger Lights for Nighttime Fun – Daily Deals!

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 042917

The weather is warming up (in some places at least), and it’s time to think about summer fun and summer treats. How about making popsicles? These BPA free popsicle molds come with a handy funnel to make filling easy, and a brush to do the same for cleaning. You can try all sorts of fillings for fruity fresh summer treats (or maybe higher-octane treats for mom and dad?). Get a set today for just $12!

We in the maker community know the idea of “throwies” – simple electronic toys comprised of an LED taped to a watch battery, with a small magnet sometimes included, so you can throw light around. These finger lights are a fun variation on that concept, packaging the LED and battery in s small chassis, with an on/off switch, and an elastic band so you can easily put them on your fingers or other tool or toy, and play with colored lights. Imaging summer nights creating your own fireflies, or recording amazing streaming light portraits. Get a pack of 100 evenly split between white, red, green, and blue, for just $14 today!


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