Daily Deals 042517

Get a PS4 Dual Shock Charging Station for $16; HDMI to VGA Dongle for $9 – Daily Deals!

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 042517

If you’re big into console¬†gaming, there’s a nearly 50% change¬†chance you have a PS4 at home. And if so, this is a pretty good deal for you. Pick up this charger that’ll handle two Dual Shock 4 controllers for just $16 today (controllers not included).

We live in a world of multiple, overlapping standards, and sometimes you just need to have a dongle lying around to bridge the gap. This handy little bit of tech will take your HDMI output from a laptop or video player, and convert it to the good old analogy VGA standard for use in older projectors and other displays. And it only costs $9, so why wouldn’t you have two?


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