Save Big on a USB-C Hub (HDMI, Ether, VGA), Drink Your Coffee Out of a Skull – Daily Deals!

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Daily Deals 042017Daily Deals 042017

The USB-C Hub by AUKEY is a Swiss army knife of peripherals. Plug it into a single USB-C port on your laptop, and gain the ability to deliver 4K video at 30hz via HDMI, or 1080p video via VGA, plus connect to ethernet, and charge two portable devices or transfer data via two USB 3.0 ports, all while keeping your laptop charging as well. The list price for this device is $130. Amazon has it on sale for $90. But if you use the coupon code AUKCBC55 at checkout (via the Amazon link above), you can get it for $69 today!

Some days, you just need to have a coffee or tea mug that truly represents your frame of mind before you’ve finished your first sustaining beverage of the day. This stainless steel and resin skull mug will keep the minions at bay until you’ve decided what their tribute for the day will entail. On sale today for $16 + $5 shipping.



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