Daily Deals 041817

Save Big on a Vacuum Sealer for Food; Get Some Shrinky-Dinks in Today’s Daily Deals!

Daily Deal

Daily Deals 041817

Whenever I see vacuum sealers¬†on sale, I bring them up, since they’re a big part of the sous vide cooking experience, and a great way to save money with large Costco-style purchases that can be sealed up and frozen for later use. And even if you’re not going to cook with a sous vide cooker, it’s also the best way to defrost food without messing it up (see, for example:¬†microwave); if you have something frozen in a pouch, just plop it in the water with your sous vide cooker set to room temperature, and it’ll only take 20-30 minutes to defrost, rather than hours just sitting on the counter. But it all starts with a good vacuum sealer. This one is on sale today for just $56!

Remember Shrinky-Dinks? They’re still around! In fact, there’s a wide variety of Shrinky-Dink kits available that let you color fanciful characters, scenes, animals, Disney princesses, and other delightful images and then bake them to make cool toys and jewelry. These are perfect crafts for tweens to express their creativity, or you could even create cool RPG figures for your gaming setup! Check out all the deals!


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