Review: ‘My First Baby Signs’

Reading Time: 2 minutes

My First Baby Signs is a great new book by Phil Conigliaro and Tae Won Yu to help you and your baby learn some baby sign language.

Baby sign language, which is a curated selection of ASL for most common baby needs, is very helpful when communicating with pre-verbal tots. We used it a lot with our son (who is now four-years-old) to communicate before he could talk and it saved us a lot of frustration and crying. My First Baby Signs has the most common baby signs like “all done,” “eat,” and “milk” presented with really cute art and written in a way to make it easy to read with your baby.

But the best part about My First Baby Signs, is that it’s also a pull tab book. Each page actually features a tab that, when pulled, illustrates the motion of the sign! This helps both parents and baby understand how to make the sign a lot more than a static visual. It also helps make the book a lot more engaging for your child.

I made a quick little video showing one of the pages in action. Enjoy!

Whether or not you pick up My First Baby Signs, I highly recommend learning some baby signs to communicate with your pre-verbal kids. But, you should definitely grab the book as it will help with learning and reinforcing the signs that much quicker!

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