Procrastination Destination: Tea and Geekery

Image By Rebecca Angel

Ok, so I’m really into tea. For this month’s Procrastination Destination, I thought I’d see who is having more fun with tea. Apparently, a lot of people! So take a break, brew your favorite beverage, and check this stuff out.

Cute American kids trying different kinds of tea. One will go all the way to get the bobas…

Image from Gallons of Ink on

Geeky tea accessories! More geeky tea stuff. And even more and more tea stuff that’s geeky!

Geek and Tea is a pop culture chat whilst sipping a cuppa. Here is an episode discussing the best Star Trek villain.

A fun experiment with your kids that involves a flaming tea bag.

Here’s a movie poster from 1923 called, you guessed it, Tea: With A Kick!

Finally, make a matcha (powdered green tea) sweet drink. Ok, get back to work (but make another cup of tea first).

Rebecca Angel was one of those kids that put the dragon book on top of her pile in the hopes that someone would say, "Hey, I'm into that stuff too!" Alas, she had to wait until she was an adult to find fellow geeks. Luckily, she married one and their kids are too. A music teacher by day, Rebecca is also a lover of tea, science literacy, funky tights, RPGs, anime, manga, comics, fantasy books and movies.